The Beast Is Unleashed At WWE HIAC 2018

WWE’s yet another gimmick pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell 2018, ended in a rather dramatic fashion. Although we still have Roman Reigns as the champion, a certain beast has been unleashed. Read all about The Beast Is Unleashed At WWE HIAC 2018 here:

What’s cooking:

The former WWE Universal Champion made his return to WWE at Hell In A Cell and took apart Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. This meant that the match ended without a clear winner as both competitors were unable to continue.

In the lead up to Summerslam, there were some predictions about a heel turn for either Roman or Strowman. The reason primarily being the low ratings that WWE’s flagship show RAW scored each week. Of course, fans did assume that with Lesnar taking a leave, WWE would finally pull the trigger on Roman Reigns and have him be the main-event heel. This would ultimately make Strowman, the challenger, a babyface that the fans want to support. However, with Lesnar’s return, all that planning has been washed away.

In recent reports, it is still heavily implied that Vince views Roman as “the guy”. Despite the fact that fans have heavily booed Roman out of every arena, there seems to be no change or tweaks with his booking. WWE have stayed determined to ensure that Roman is the top babyface for the flagship show. So, inevitably there had to be a new no.1 villain on the flagship show; which really pulled the trigger on a Braun Strowman heel turn. But what happens now is up to pure guessing, since the main-event scene in WWE RAW is a total mess currently.

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