John Skipper comments about his leave from ESPN

Former ESPN president John Skipper was made the target of a cocaine extortion plot. It had forced him to shockingly resign in December. During that time, Skipper cited a substance abuse problem. However, he now admits that he stepped down for his drug addiction that put the company in a terrible position. John Skipper comments about his leave from ESPN.

“In December, someone from whom I bought cocaine attempted to extort me.”

This is what Skipper revealed to James Andrew Miller.

Skipper also mentioned his carefulness when it was about drugs and his sources. He talked about a new dealer he never used before tried shaking him down. He did not mention anything specific but was very spooked by it.

“They threatened me and I understood immediately that threat put me and my family at risk, and this exposure would put my professional life at risk as well”

said, Skipper. He lays claim to the recreational drug use and he attributes it to him being a “hippie”. He stated that his carelessness in putting himself in position for extortion by a cocaine dealer helped him. The help is his realization that he may have a drug problem.

Although he copped to his taste of cocaine in the interview, Skipper did deny rumors of his resignation due to sexual misconduct.

“Those rumors and speculations are categorically and definitely untrue,”

says Skipper. Current and former ESPN personalities have faced accusations of sexual harassments.  But Skipper says he has never taken part in that type of behavior. John Skipper comments about his leave from ESPN. Skipper’s problem had been drugs, not sex, he states.

“I had a personal problem with an illegal substance, and any issues around it were and are personal,”

were what Skipper added. ESPN however, have made no comments. While many current and former ESPN stars such as Jemele Hill and Keith Olbermann have voiced support for Skipper when he resigned in December, they made no comment on Thursday.

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