The Most Prominent Mistake Men Make When Buying Cologne

Every one of us wants to smell sweet and fresh throughout the day, and for this purpose, we try different things which will help us achieve the target. Usually, men sweat more than a woman, and therefore they require better fragrances to smell good all day long, that is why most of the man invest more and more in the colognes. There can be different types of perfumes and scents a man can buy for him which will suit his personality but also allow them to feel and smell better throughout the day.

Since the smell makes a lasting impact on your senses, it is essential for you to select those colognes which are your statement fragrance. Other than that there can be many mistakes which men make while buying the cologne, few of which are mentioned below:

1.    Choosing a way too expensive colognes:

It is true that the prices play an essential part in your buying decision, but usually, we think that great cologne is always very expensive. Many suitable types of cologne are available at low prices which are not only inexpensive but also quite affordable. Therefore rather than going for the most expensive ones, you should check out few fragrances which are in your price range and help you buy a pleasant scent too.

You will invest in good cologne for a special occasion, but for daily usage, you can buy an affordable one which is easy on the pocket too.

2.    Not buying the right scent:

The standard issue among the men is they don’t research about the right fragrance. There are many types of the scents which are a mixture of different fragrances, and each is selected according to the personality. Most of the men buy a particular perfume without having complete knowledge about it. Therefore either they don’t like the cologne after use or lost interest in it after few sprays, and the bottle remains full. That is why if you want to invest your money at the right place you will need to buy the scent which is right for you and your personality.

3.    Deciding on a single test:

Shopping for fragrance is a tough decision because usually, the testers don’t give you a full result about the cologne. Most of the men buy it after giving a single try to the tester that is why they make wrong decisions. Therefore you can either ask for a free sample of cologne or try cologne few times to check that how it affects your mind. It will help you make the right choice and invest in buying the right one.

You can also get cheaper bottles and testers which are specially designed for you to test the cologne; you can always buy them before purchasing it.


4.    Not knowing your favorite scents:

As much as we all like different food, we have a distinct taste in the colognes as well. While some people like citrus smell, others love deeper and wooden fragrances. That is why you must know and try different scents to know which one you like the most. It will not only help you buy the best one for yourself but also essential in choosing between the brands which offer similar colognes.

Also, you can take guidance of the salesperson or the perfume expert which will help you buy the right one according to your choices.


5.    Always preferring the strongest scents:

There are many types of fragrances which are available in the market, which you can buy according to the occasions and your statement. But many men make a common mistake that they have to choose the strongest one every time they shop for perfume. That is why it is equally essential that you want a mild one for day to day use as it is easier for the people around you as well as you can make a statement which your fragrance. On the other hand, you can also select some stronger ones which you can wear on special occasions, meeting and date nights.


6.    Buying the dupes of your favorite fragrances:

Well, there are many types of dupes available in the market of your choice scents which you can buy at lower prices. Many men go for these copies of colognes instead of buying the original one, but there is a significant difference in the chemical bond of the perfume as well as the quality. The dupes will not give you exact fragrance as the actual one that is why you might end up wasting the money which you have to spend on the copy. On the other hand, there is quite less difference in the colognes which are original and since it gives you lasting fragrance you will be saving much more money in investing in the original ones. The dupe will be used more, and it will be empty way too quicker than the branded one.


7.    Buying the larger bottles of newly tried colognes:

It is commonly seen that the large bottles of any perfume seem cheaper when to compare to the oz of the smaller bottles and its prices. Therefore you think that the larger containers are more economical and you end up buying those instead of the smaller ones. It may be a good idea if you have tried the cologne before but not when you are buying a new scent.




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