Honest Review of Kaabil (2017) IMDB : 7.9

My own rating : 9.9/10
The picture below was taken from one of my favourites scenes of the movie. I am not a good review writer, but i really really want to say few words about this movie.
I wonder why are we all comparing this beautiful movie with Raees? Think out of the box bhai….. cherish the beauty of the movie, the beautiful background score, the mesmerizing chemistry between Hrittik and Yummy!
A bit disappointed that the trailer of this movie showed it all what the movie is really about…. but still…. Hats off to Hrittik. I personally never have seen such acting by Hrittik… the way he cried, moaned when he found her love dead. The emotion in his face was too original. Yummy was too much perfect for her role played in this movie. If the director have added few more budget for this movie then I am sure it wud have become a blockbuster! All credit again goes to Hrittik… honestly at some moment my eyes got wet with his acting.. and the way he showed his love towards Yummy.
Loved when he said…..Andhere mein agar kisi ka saath ho na … toh andhera kam lagta hai. and probably I am the only one who listened the title song Kaabil hu ya kaabil nehi for more that 100 times!
All the best to SRK with his Raees too.

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