Meet the Variation of Trolling Motor Batteries and Choose the Perfect One for You

In this article, we will give a summary to serve as a guide for you to choose the best trolling motor battery depending on your needs. In our ship we have the latest technology in machinery and equipment regeneration battery discharge test and the selection of batteries online shop responds to our experience, presenting products that have been tested and meet our quality requirements.

Marine starting batteries

Marine starting batteries with thin sheets of lead and too close together to provide very high currents snapshots. It doesn’t support deep discharges. Important data of these batteries are starting power normally expressed according to EN. A higher starting power better performance especially in cold climates. Zero degrees yields a starter battery can lose 50% due to the decrease in the reaction rate of the electrolyte. Our range of starter batteries has powers above the standards required to not have to worry about your electric trolling motor in any weather situation.

Marine solar batteries:

These type of batteries capacities up to 250 ah are very popular in solar installations and are suitable for use in applications of low demand. This type of battery has about 400 lifecycles downloading at 75% depth. For weekend homes, marine boats, caravans. Economic and low maintenance.

Marine GEL and AGM batteries:

These type of batteries capacities up to 250Ah sealed can be lead acid gel technology recombines gasses and no water leakage occurs, without maintenance. Its main advantage is its low self-discharge. They can hold a charge being stored more than 6 months without use. The electrolyte to be absorbed in the plates are not laminated. Another advantage is slower compared to conventional lead battery acid which causes them to lose less capacity throughout its life salvation. Ideal for installations in marine boats or medium-sized solar installations for its no maintenance and because they do not emit gasses during charging.

Marine deep cycle batteries:

This type of battery also called semi-traction is an excellent choice for electric trolling motor and solar energy and high-cycle applications. We have two technologies the flat plate and the tube plate. They differ in the length, the tube plate almost doubles the life of the flat plate.

Usually, it sold in configurations of 6, 8 or 12 volts. DEKA, Minn Kota, Vmax Tanks, Optima are some examples of manufacturers of this type of battery. They are batteries that support more than 1200 cycles at 50% and with a rapid power delivery due to its large reaction surface. The thickness of the lead is considerable and enables deep discharge up to 80%. They offer very good price-lasting and can be used in all types of facilities demands of use.

CPZS solar batteries:

These type of batteries with opaque polypropylene container. Sold as elements 2V and its construction is a tubular lead plate as an OPZS. It has a high resistance to deep discharge and vibration and gives the same cycles using an OPZS, 1500 cycles at 80% according to DIN 43595. They are very suitable for intensive use for their resistance. Our range has incorporated plugs cyanotic automatic filling and level indicator for easy maintenance.

OPZS Batteries:

OPZS Batteries are lead tubular plate prepared for deep discharges and because of its low antimony consume little water. 1500 cycles at 80% discharge according to DIN 43595. It is the most convenient option for low maintenance and because you can see the water level to be translucent elements. Its main disadvantage is the cost, quite high and that without adequate knowledge of charging systems and sizing installation can last half of what they promise in most cases.

Sealed Lead Acid (AGM):

Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) batteries are lead tubular plate whose electrolyte is in gel form. They are sealed, can be installed in any position even lying. The same number of cycles a Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) but with higher performance throughout its life for its low salvation. Another quality that makes them highly recommended is that only need to recharge a 10% more energy compared to downloaded. In a conventional lead acid, this figure is 20% .No need maintenance but require some adjustments to the parameters of load regulators not to damage them. A good choice for telecommunications facilities or places where you cannot monitor water levels of lead acid battery open. Its cost is somewhat higher to a Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) but may be worth it for its greater energy efficiency and a life with less loss of capacity.

Nickel Iron Batteries:

Nickel Iron Batteries is the battery that Edison invented 100 years ago. An indestructible and with the difference that the environment in which they are immersed plates (electrolyte) does not destroy the battery as sulfuric acid in a lead battery. This makes simply changing the electrolyte every 7-8 years we will have a “new” battery to serve as many years. Even when? Beyond 50 years in many cases and even 100 years of life they have been reported (Edison electric trolling motor works with the original batteries yet).

Exide flat plate AGM sealed marine battery:

Exide flat plate AGM sealed marine battery is the most used electric trolling motor battery. Elements of 2V lead-plated tubular high antimony to give vibration resistance. Settings from 120 to 1500 h depending on machinery. 1500 cycles at 80%

Electric trolling motor AGM SLA battery: These are the most common 1200 cycles at 50% and capacities between 100 and 500 ah. Configurations of 6, 8 or 12 volts. In some cases, small sweeping machines can also be used AGM deep cycle batteries.

For us, it is so important to sell a battery as explain how to treat it for the duration that promises the manufacturer, or at least close to it as possible. It is the most delicate part of its plant and machinery and usually, the most expensive and with us will be informed of their care. We are at your disposal on to explain your best option depending on your trolling motor battery. More information and choose all kinds of marine batteries you can visit this site.

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