Do you know everything about St.Patrick’s day?

St.Patrick’s Day is near and there are a lot of things to do. Do you know everything about St.Patrick’s day? Here is a roundup of the weekend’s events and some fun Irish knowledge. Check out if you know it all!

Don’t drink and drive: Do not try that, please. A bus will run throughout Uptown starting on Friday at 5 p.m.

The heat’s on: Around 26 law enforcement officers will be hitting the streets on the weekend. They will be joined by reinforcements of the Montana Highway Patrol.

All the happenings: Butte’s main event for St.Patrick’s Day festivities is obviously the annual parade. There are plenty of other things going on as well. The Parade assembly will begin at 10 a.m. from the Lexington Gardens. And it will be staged east on Granite.

Speaking of the Parade: This year’s parade will start at noon in Uptown Butte. It will include 57 entries. Floats, horses, politicians are included in this annual Irish event.

Grand marshall: The secrets of a long life for the 99-year-old Enda Bowman could be her sense of humor. Bowman says she will try to live long enough for leading Butte’s famous St. Patrick’s day parade.

Do you know everything about St.Patrick’s day? Here are some facts:

Irish tunes: Before An Ri Ra existed Butte was the host for the annual Feis Ceoil music festival. Patrons would make their way to theaters like the Broadway for listening to orations, harp solos, classical and Irish tunes.

“Let them be Irish through and through”: In 1910, an Irish priest, Father Michael Hannan delivered a passionate speech for Butte’s Irish parents on raising children in America.

Promoting the Irish language in Butte: In 1906, Patrick Conlon happened to be the first President of the newly formed Butte branch of Gaelic League. It did the work of promoting the Irish language. The Gaelic League has a uniqueness to it as it accepted men and even women, well into the organization.

Butte’s Ancient Order of Hibernians: The founding members of Butte’s Ancient Order of Hibernians include Thomas McDonough, Jerry D.Murphy, D.J.Hennessy, and P.J.Sullivan.

Do you know everything about St.Patrick’s day? Well, now you know a bit more!

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