Several Gunshots fired in an altercation at Ashburn

The Loundoun County Sheriff’s Office is currently at a scene in One Loundoun area at Ashburn. According to the authority, a man has fired multiple gunshots in the air at 20700 block of Easthampton Plaza. Officials say that the man had been involved with a woman in an altercation. Several Gunshots fired in an altercation at Ashburn as Officials say.

The man made an attempt to harm himself. However, the gun was taken away from him, the authorities have stated. He then fled from the scene via foot.

Officials describe the man to be a white male, standing in at 6-foot-2 and weighing around 225 pounds. He is reported to have brown hair and blue eyes. He had been wearing a tan jacket, along with work boots and jeans.

Law enforcement officers have been encouraging people to avoid the area. This is advised in order to continue the search for the individual. No one involved in this incident has been harmed in any way so to speak.


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