Midnight Sun – IMDB 6.6 Movie Review

The midnight sun is a sob story which starts with a 17-year-old Katie Price who suffers from a rare genetic condition in which she is fatally sensitive to sunlight and the story augments when her love story begins with her long-time crush. This movie is a melodic love story will entertain you with all moods and emotions with a heart-touching story.

About The Film

The movie is directed by Scott Speer and produced by Jen Gatien, John Rickard. The writer of the movie is Eric Kirsten which is based on Midnight Sun by Kenji Bando, a Japanese movie released in 2006 which was released with the same name as Midnight Sun with exactly the same story plot. The movie was instigated in October 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.

Cast of The Film

The movie portrays Bella Thorne in the lead role as Katherine or Katie Price opposite to Patrick Schwarzenegger playing the role of Charlie Reed. Rob Riggle was seen as the Katie’s best friend named Jack in the movie along with a few other eminent characters like Quinn Shephard, Suleka Mathew, and Jennifer Griffin etc.


Katie price was sheltered since her early childhood due to her genetic condition in which she cannot get exposed sunlight due to fatal attacks and so she was confined to the four walls of her house and used to explore the world at night. She used to live with only her father Jack and her best friend, Morgan to accompany her. You can book your tickets at reasonable prices by looking for some lucrative bookmyshow coupons.

Once in the dark night when she was out to play the guitar she was noticed by her long-time crush named Charlie and while leaving she forgets her notebook which was returned the next morning and since then their love story begins. Now Katie was dealing with the dilemma whether she should disclose everything to Charlie about her rare condition or shall she pretend like as if she leads a normal life.

One day Charlie took her out on a date to Seattle where they went to a live concert and then Charlie asked Katie to sing a song on the city street and Katie did that while making out Charlie showed Katie Sunrise and then she started behaving like a weirdo then he dropped her quickly to her house but despite all the attempts she was exposed to sunlight for a few seconds.

Critics review

As per the reviews based on a website ‘rotten tomatoes,’ the film received a rating of 18% or 4/10 because the critics feel Midnight sun is stereotypically manipulative and overdone teen romance which is distinguished by its erroneous demonstration of a disease in real life. Few find the story as a beautiful passionate drama bringing the audience to tears and calling this movie a must watch. The movie is also stated by some critics as gratifying in all aspects because it does what a movie is supposed to.

Release of The Film

The movie Midnight Sun by Open Road Films is scheduled to be released on 23 March 2018 which was initially scheduled to be released on July 14, 2018.

Conclusion of the film

The movie ends on a very sentimental note as Katie dies due to her exposure to sunlight and Charlie blames himself for her death but was later elucidated by Jack that she was supposed to live only these many years and he is nowhere responsible. He was seen on the same boat recalling their beautiful reminiscences making the audience overwhelmed with emotions.

Must-watch Romantic Drama

The movie is a must-watch for those who are fond of romanticism and soppy drama. It can even make anyone emotional and fall in love with the most touching scenes in the movie. It has got few elements which may cause dewy-eyed of the audience but it has a beautiful story of romance and passionate love which has no bounds.

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