Was Mike Pompeo-The Trump Nominee Berated?

For the third time within the last year more or less, a Trump nominee was grilled in a Senate hearing concerning his or her religion. the most recent was Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s political leader for secretary of state. additionally to questions on varied foreign affairs, Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) molding into Pompeo’s views on wedding and sexuality. Was Mike Pompeo-The Trump Nominee Berated?

Booker: “So you do not believe it’s applicable for 2 gay folks to marry?”

Pompeo: “Senator, I continue to hold that view. it’s the same view …”

Booker: “Do you suspect that gay sex is a perversion? yes or no.”

Pompeo: “Senator, if I can …”

Booker: “Yes or no, sir. do you believe that gay sex may be a perversion because it’s what you said here?”

Pompeo vowed to continue treating everybody operating beneath him fairly and with respect. Booker finished by the speech he does not believe Pompeo represents the values of the state.

They call it Christian love: Leading evangelist Franklin Graham thanks Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo for hating gay folks.

Angry concerning some pointed queries directed at Pompeo throughout his hearing, Graham praised Pompeo for refusing to acknowledge that gays be basic human rights like wedding equality.

Graham used his social media platform to attack senator Cory Booker for asking the pointed questions on Pompeo’s record of anti-gay emotion and bigotry, whereas also praising Pompeo for defensive “traditional marriage”:

Was Mike Pompeo-The Trump Nominee Berated?
To answer Graham’s question: affirmative, “holding a standard read of marriage” will cause you to “inappropriate for a spot,” once a “traditional read of marriage” suggests that the need to withhold basic human rights from gays and lesbians.
For the record, it’s currently well established that Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo, Trump’s nominee to be following Secretary of State, maybe a dangerous Christian extremist who has within the past expressed emotion and intolerance towards gays, Muslims, et al found wanting by conservative Christians like Franklin Graham.

It’s conjointly worth noting that whereas Graham praises Pompeo for promoting emotion against gays in the guise of supporting “traditional wedding,” the evangelical leader has no downside with supporting Donald Trump, a person who has had five children by three totally different wives and has additionally had various extramarital sexual affair.

Bottom line: In defense of alleged “traditional wedding,” Franklin Graham defends Secretary of State political leader electro-acoustic transducer Pompeo’s right to hate gay people; however don’t worry, conservative Christians decision that emotion “Christian love.”

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