Zlatan Ibrahimovic Will Be At The World Cup

Zlatan Ibrahimovic used an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to publicly declare that he’s going to the World Cup. The 36-year-olds participation in the finals in Russia is a matter for sustained debate. This is despite the fact that he has now retired from international football. Catch the news: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Will Be At The World Cup:

Is he back?

Ibrahimovic was eager to prove his fitness with his new club LA Galaxy before he made any decisions. What are the decisions about? Well, he still has to decide if he wants to return to international duty with Sweden.

His delivery suggests there may be more to his revelation. In which capacity will he be present at the World Cup? You will have to watch the World Cup to find it out. However, his message remains unequivocal.

“I’m going to the World Cup, yes,”

Ibrahimovic said it with a smile on his face. While he may have earned his retirement from international duty, the world seems still very eager to see him back in yellow jersey.



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