Minecraft : Creativity Is The Only Limit

It’s time to show your creativity. Not in our exam or in practical life. Build your own world with your creativity in Minecraft.

It’s a game of blocks. remove blocks and place it where you want to and create what you want to. You can call it a computer Lego game. If you have few bits of common sense of creativity then you will start enjoying the game. You would love to show people what you have built in the game. You will be surprised with your creativity and start loving yourself more than before.


The game is full of adventure. Exploring jungles ,desert temples make the game more attractive. I bet if you like adventure then you will play it all day long. And if you are not playing it then you will be talking about it or encouraging other people to play it.

Your first impression of the game may not be good for graphics. Graphics of this game is not so good. But you will amaze by its game-play. You won’t leave playing the if there is no limit of your imagination.

The funny and important part of the game is inside the game at night. The environment of the game doesn’t allow you to stay open at night. you have to live in a house or make yourself protected. Because zombies and monsters spawns at night.

Online Experience Of Minecraft



Online experience is more exciting if you have well mannered and friendly people around you in the game. It’s like an unknown society to you where you’re going to live with many kinds of people. You will get to know different kinds of people with different kinds of mentalities. You can’t live alone there. You have to know each other’s. You have to understand the way of their thinking and make yourself comfortable with them. This online experience will help you in your practical life.

My story of Minecraft



I’m fond of action , shooting and story based games. My friend Ratul told me several times for playing minecraft. And when I started playing it I spent countless hours there. I became a fan of that game and started to build my own house. After a few hours I have built a nice house of mine. And after a week I have built a several floored building with a garden, many kinds of farms, explored a nice mining spots where I can find my necessary blocks of iron, coal, red stone, gold, diamond etc. Then I found our Bangladeshi server and started playing there.

Minecraft In Bangladesh


surprisingly there are many Minecraft players in Bangladesh. There are 285 members of Minecrafters BD Facebook group. We just love to spend lots of times for minecraft server. Admins are very helpful and well behaved. Most of the players are teenagers. Some of them are very help-full. If you are playing in this server you will get taste of many kinds of people. It will give you the experience of living in a society.



Review By : GIG Suniv Ashraf

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