Mobile First WordPress Design For 2017

Going into 2017, WordPress is the leading content management system for blogs and business websites across the globe. WordPress makes building powerful and responsive websites great for everyone from the new designer to the advanced web developer. With all of the distraction regarding design trends, new software, and new SEO secrets the number one thing we must not forget in 2017 is the Mobile First Web Design.


The Mobile First initiative is something that has been discussing in detail over the last 10 years. The one thing no one could predict was how or what platform would finally take over and make people surfing on their cell phones simple. The result is Responsive Web Design. A single design that can easily transform its elements smoothly on different size displays. With 95% of people viewing the internet on mobile devices I would go as far and say your desktop site doesn’t matter at all.


Responsive Web Design on WordPress is a breeze! Most WordPress themes come out of the box claiming to be 100% responsive… But how responsive are they? I decided to look at the top 10 WordPress themes for sale on the Themeforest, and surprisingly enough they are only 1/2 to 2/3 optimized to fit on mobile devices! I couldn’t believe it. The most popular themes sold on one of the biggest theme shopping sites still are not out of the box ready for mobile viewers.


If you are a new developer, I highly recommend viewing the theme you plan on using for your website on a mobile device before purchasing. Being newer to web design, you might not have all of the skills necessary to optimize your website for all mobile platforms. I would suggest finding a “Mobile WordPress Theme” that is built solely for newer Android and iPhones.


With the Mobile First Initiative coming full swing in 2017 make sure to be prepared to provide your users with a seamless and useful experience. WordPress for Web Design is a fantastic choice but do not get too worked about all of the bells and whistles and forget 95% of your web traffic will be on a mobile device. I have compiled a list of 4 Mobile First WordPress Themes & Premium Themes that have fantastic mobile support below. Enjoy!


Mobile First WordPress Themes

Mobile First WordPress Design For 2017

Mobile First WordPress Design For 2017

1.Breezy by Bonfire Themes


The breezy theme created by a bonfire is my favorite mobile first theme. The usability is fantastic the design is focused on mobile usability with a great navigation menu.


2.ProMobile Theme Developed by Webbu

Mobile First WordPress Design For 2017

Mobile First WordPress Design For 2017


Webbu is a classic theme that is heavily designed with mobile in mind. This theme also looks fantastic on a desktop.


3.Metro Mobile Premium WordPress Mobile Template by Webbu


The Metro Mobile First WordPress Theme is a great example of almost Mobile Only Design. This theme uses tiles to help users navigate. This is definitely a great theme for 2017.


4.Bean Theme by Webbu


Bean theme is the perfect example of user-friendly navigation. The mobile side navigation is flawless is a great design and user experience. I highly recommend this theme for your next mobile build.

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