Why You Should Be Using a WordPress Content Locker Plugin

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Every blogger wants to increase their email list and gaining more followers is not that easy as many people don’t sign up for the newsletter or email submission. Hence growing your email list through content lockers is a great idea as you can gain [...]

Mobile First WordPress Design For 2017

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Going into 2017, Wordpress is the leading content management system for blogs and business websites across the globe. Wordpress makes building powerful and responsive websites great for everyone from the new designer to the advanced web developer. With all of the distraction regarding design [...]

How to Publish Images with LightBox with Title and Description by Visual Composer Backend Editor in WordPress

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First of all, you will need visual composer plugin installed in your WordPress. Otherwise you won’t be able to highlight your images perfectly and responsively like visual composer does. So to install that you can install that from WordPress dashboard or Cpanel. I prefer [...]