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Expressing our creativity and ideas is one of the noblest things to do on earth. There is no better joy than sharing your passion with others and receiving positive response out of it. Blogging does the same job in today’s world of internet.

What is blogging?

Blogging is adding a new material or updating a blog. And a blog is a regularly updated website or web page which is ideally run by an individual or a team. Blogs are mostly written in an informal style to make it sound more conversational to the readers.

The individual or the team involved in blogging is known as bloggers. Bloggers share their ideas in the form of articles along with some relevant pictures. These articles or rather blogs are mostly posted on a website, and hence, it is vital for the site to look very clean and user-friendly.

The first thing that a visitor sees on a blog is how well the page is established. If you have a blog which is simple and has easy navigation, then there are chances that you attract more visitors as compared to an unorganized blog. Hence, it is crucial to select the right theme for your blog.

Blog Themes for WordPress:

WordPress comes into the picture every time we talk about blogs. It is the most significant platform for blogging and managing a website’s contents. WordPress does provide free and premium blogging themes; however, if you are looking for more, Mythemeshop is the next big stop for you.

Mythemeshop is a website for free and premium WordPress themes. And today, we will look into some blogging themes for WordPress in Mythemeshop. There are about fifty-two blog themes in Mythemeshop out of which couple of themes are available for free. The rest will cost you $59 on sale; slashing the original price of $69.

Below are the top five blog themes that I prefer the most:

1.      Clean:

Clean, as the title suggests, is clutter free, fast-loading, and minimalistic WordPress theme perfect for starting a blog. The theme is highly customizable and is ideal for professionals looking for a simple, clutter-free site. Clean is ideal for many types of blogs and online magazine services. It will cost you $59 on sale.

2.      BloggingBox:

BloggingBox is another favorite WordPress blog theme in the list. It is considered as a multipurpose blogging theme that comes with smoothly designed full responsive layouts, tons of customizing options, creative widgets, shortcodes, and splendid performance. It will also cost you $59 on sale.

3.      JustFit:

JustFit is a WordPress theme ideal for fitness, exercise, and health enthusiasts. With this theme, you can show off your products, workouts, results, testimonials, etc., which is perfect for fitness blogging. It is ideal for those who run a fitness community, personal trainer, publisher of an online fitness magazine, or a local gym owner. The theme will cost you $59.

4.      Saturation:

This theme is for those bloggers who are louder regarding the choice of color. Saturation is a bright, fresh, blog-style WordPress theme with loads of features for a successful blog. It features Google Plus badge widget, search, speed, and ad optimization, and much more. It will cost you $59 on sale.

5.      SociallyViral:


It is the only free theme that has made to the list. SociallyViral is an attractive WordPress theme designed to enhance social shares and get you more viral traffic from the internet’s top social media websites. This theme will also help you boost your search engine rankings.


So, this is all about the blog themes for WordPress available in Mythemeshop. Hope you have liked the article; do let us know your favorite blog theme for WordPress in the comments below. Cheers!

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