New AI-Powered Google News App Is On iOS

Google announced last week at the I/O developer conference that it’s revamped AI-powered¬†Google News will be arriving on Apple’s App Store within the next week. And the time for it is now. The new Google News has gone live on iOS this afternoon and it has even replaced the old Google Play Newsstand app. So, the¬†New AI-Powered Google News App Is On iOS:

The new Google News on iOS is pretty much the same as you will find on Android. It will center around using machine learning for training algorithms for combing through the complex, fast-breaking news stories and will break them down. Relax! It will be in easy-to-understand formats much like chronological timelines, local news aggregation, and stories will be presented in a developing and evolving sequence.

New Update:

The app as you will get to see is now organized into four sections. The first of which is a “For You” personalized list of the top five stories that Google’s software thinks you may read along with a few other algorithmically chosen articles and local news stories. The next section is labeled as “Headlines”. It represents a mix of sections like “U.S.”, “World”, “Business” and also “Tech”.

There will even be a favorites section for starring topics across entertainment, news, and academia. This section is great for selecting the preferred news sources. It can save stories for Pocket-style reading later and saving location.

Finally, Newsstand is a new addition to the current version of Google News which will let you subscribe to news organizations either offering a monthly subscription for web/print access or can charge a monthly fee for bypassing a web paywall.

That’s all about the New AI-Powered Google News App Is On iOS! Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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