New Battlefield V Teaser Is Released

DICE has pretty much confirmed that Battlefield V is set during the World War 2. A teaser trailer that was posted earlier today confirms that the game will include a conflict between the Allied and Axis forces. New Battlefield V Teaser Is Released, read about it here:

New video:

The new video was posted to Twitter. It opens to the sound of gunshots to a black screen, just before a goggled, mustached man all of a sudden appears on the screen and encourages you to be quiet.


It is an interesting look at the visual style for the game. However, what’s more, interesting is the fact, that you will be able to see the game’s HUD. It reveals two teams competing in a Conquest game mode.

The icons attached to the respective team’s points seemingly confirm the WW2 setting. On one side you will see a Union Flag and on the other a Balkenkreuz. It was the symbol for the German Army during WW2. Check out the trailer here.

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