Teen-Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaked User IDs & Passwords

There were thousands of parental and child accounts on TeenSafe, which is a teen device-monitoring app. And recently they’ve had all the information compromised. Teen-Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaked User IDs & Passwords, read more about it here:

What’s cooking?

To be specific, one certain server from the app, hosted by Amazon’s cloud service is accessible to anyone barring passwords. This means anyone can get access to highly personal data that includes Apple IDs. These data include passwords and user IDs and had been reportedly stored in plaintext. TeenSafe is claiming on their website that they use encryption for protecting user data.

This TeenSafe app was made to allow parents to access their children’s web history and text messages. That also includes deleted SMS & iMessages and messages on WhatsApp. ZDNet has noted that UK security researcher Robert Wiggins has found two servers to be undermined.

“We have taken action to close one of our servers to the public and begun alerting customers that could potentially be impacted,”

a spokesperson from TeenSafe told ZDNet.

Nearly 10,200 accounts have been compromised over a period of three months, although that number does include duplicates. The good news is that the compromised date doesn’t include photos, messages or location data.

How it works:

The server usually stores the parents’ email address they use for their TeenSafe account and their children’s email address, along with the child’s device name and the device identifier. It needs two-factor authentication to be switched off to make the app work. Hence, anyone with just a password will be able to gain access to these compromised accounts quite easily, The app is available on both Android and iOS and it doesn’t require any permission of the children by their parents.

This is a timely reminder to stay vigilant when it comes to online security. You were reading “Teen-Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaked User IDs & Passwords”. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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