Patricia Contreras Definitely Wants You To Forget This Moment

Patricia Contreras, 30, had a very unfortunate moment at the annual Cannes Film Festival this year. And Patricia Contreras Definitely Wants You To Forget This Moment:

What’s cooking:

The Mexican actress was on the red carpet trying to promote her film, Todos Lo Saben (Everybody Knows). And she was stunning on the red carpet when this happened:

The strapless gown had her exposing her right nipple. But, lucky for her, she had some help covering up from Israeli socialite and TV host, Hofit Golan. Hofit had been photographed while assisting Patricia with her unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

Even though her appearance at the festival’s 71st annual opening night can be called a bit chaotic, the actress managed to play it super cool on the carpet. Patricia kept that beautiful smile going, and didn’t show an ounce of stress on her face. She clearly seemed unfazed by the incident in her Instagram stories from the night.

Todos Lo Saben (Everybody Knows), has opened at Cannes and has got stars and real-life couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

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