Proper Blending Of SEO And Content Marketing Is Necessary To Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Search engine optimization alone cannot help to win the online marketing battle anymore. You have to couple it with content marketing to win favors of search engines and land your website on the upper rungs of search results.  By combining the two methods, it is possible to win the hearts of consumers.  Content marketing is very powerful, and it might seem that it can even render SEO useless, but the truth is that this cannot happen. Both SEO and content marketing are useful for online marketing in different ways, and the ability to make the methods work together leads to marketing success. Although the methods are distinctly different and can work on its own, to achieve marketing success you have to blend content marketing with SEO.  You must first understand the differences so that you can define the similarities and then integrate the methods.

Differences between SEO and content marketing

SEOThe purpose of SEO is to increase the visibility of websites by using techniques for optimizing the website elements.  It consists of a set of rules created to help search engines understand sites better.  The experts at Kotton Grammer Media agree that SEO is something quite technical and it adopts a narrow vision that focuses on visibility only. SEO primarily works for making websites attractive to search engines by optimizing the website features that enhances crawlabiltiy by search engines for proper indexing of web pages.

Content marketing – Content marketing focuses on creation of quality content and bringing it in front of the audience with the purpose of attracting, informing, entertaining and engaging them The real worth of the website is in the content and by marketing the content it is possible to inform the audience about business so that they find reasons to enter into commercial transactions.  Content can be in the form of blog posts, articles, images, videos, infographics, podcasts, white papers and more that marketers use for pushing ahead potential customers along the sales and marketing funnels.

The need for integrating SEO and content marketing

Although SEO and content marketing are different, to achieve the marketing goals that bring in revenue, you have to integrate the methods.  SEO is a set of rules that are mostly technical that helps to improve website performance by increasing its visibility so that search engines can find it easily. But business will not happen only if search engines present your website in front of the audience. Unless you can interact with the audience and arouse their interest in your business, brand and products or services, a business cannot happen. This is where content comes into play. By publishing high quality, unique and interesting content relevant to the audience, you can engage them closely with your business and convince them to take some positive action that brings in revenue.

SEO moves on keywords that help to increase visibility, and you need content to place the keywords that drive organic traffic to websites.  The overlap between the two methods is the reason why you have to integrate content marketing and SEO. Let us now look into the ways of combining the marketing methods.

Link building

Link building is central to SEO because search engines consider backlinks as votes that shows how much importance others attach to the website.  People would show interest in your site and come forward to share links only when they find it valuable. Thus, search engines treat backlinks as signals of the website authority and worth and use it for search engine rankings.  Websites that acquire good quality links earn higher ranks in search results. However, the website’s worth depends on the quality of content that keeps the audience engaged and informs them about the business and brand.  The audience judge sites by the quality of content. If the content is excellent and valuable, they would like to link with it.   You cannot earn links if you do not have appropriate content.

Keywords come to life only when placed in the content

Keyword research is a crucial SEO activity that helps to list focus keyword phrases in the industry niche. Keywords are like baits that attract the audience and to make keywords grab the attention of the audience; you have to place it within some content. The norm of using keywords in content is to spread it throughout the content at strategic places like Meta descriptions, title tags, and URLs so that it is easy for people to find the business by searching the internet.  To make keywords perform efficiently, you have to look into its SEO technicalities of optimization,  but to apply the keyword strategy you have to focus on creating keyword centric user-friendly content.  What kind of content strategy you must have depends on the keywords that you are likely to use in the blog posts and landing pages.

SEO optimized content

While it is vital to create valuable content that the audience enjoys, it must also be appealing to search engines for which you have to optimize it. Even the best quality content should have enough SEO value which is possible only by optimization.  Inserting high performing keywords in the content helps to impress search engines, and it would find favors with the audience.  When you optimize the web pages its visibility to search engines increases, and consequently, it becomes highly visible to the audience, too.  Strategic placement of keywords in content by avoiding keyword stuffing helps to earn higher rankings in search results.

SEO is technical because its orientation is around search engines as it helps websites to earn higher ranks in search results.  If search engines are the target of SEO, content marketing targets the audience. For content marketing, you have to use the website as a vehicle for showcasing content and naturally make use of the optimization benefits derived from it. It is simply not possible to market content without relying on SEO. Marketers have to make proper use of content marketing together with SEO support to drive the marketing campaign in the right direction for making business gains.

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