RIZQ Special Beef Shahi Bhoj – Bangladeshi Spicy Recipe

Beef sahi vhoj

 Spicy Than You Think

When it comes for beef, then you must keep in mind that it maybe spicy. And yes Rizq special Beef Shahi Bhoj is too much spicy. I would like to call tasty spicy. I think GOD will make this recipe available for us at Heaven! Look at the picture, now you will have an idea how much spicy it is. Minimum 20-25 green chilies are used for this recipe. Not only that, chili paste is also used. Now I think you will get an idea that how much spicy it is. It’s not that costly 10$ or BDT 500 . 2 boiled eggs, rice for four persons and one beef shahi bhoj only at BDT 500. For me it is enough for five persons . The package is for four person but you can have the meat five persons then you will need extra rice. I think you guys should try it to know what is tasty spicy. I’ll rate 9.5 out of 10 .

Their Address : 286/C, Khilgaon , Near main gate of khilgaon Ansar Head Quarter , Dhaka , Bangladesh .


By : GIG Taniv Ashraf




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