Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) – IMDb 9




After hearing mind blowing reviews of Bahubali finally i watched it. The competitor of Bajrangi Bhaijan and first Tamil movie to get 3000 Million .

For me graphical works were not that remarkable. OK fine with that . At the starting he, i mean the hero can jump sorry actually we can say it flying like aliens . OK also fine with that. At one scene he is like SUPERMAN. He took a slice from a mountain! You kidding me? His name is Shiv, he is a son of a King name Bahubali that doesn’t mean that he is superman or alien.

After the interval, this movie started impressing me . First Indian movie to act some serious war scenes , after Magadhira. But Bahubali is more than Magadhira . After interval part impressed me much. I will not say that the movie was total waste of time . I’ll recommend everyone to watch this movie. I’ll rate 8.5 out of 10


By : GIG Taniv Ashraf

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