Stephen King Gets Candid Talking About His New Novel-The Outsider

Stephen King has admitted to being a shark, though he says he doesn’t mean to be one. “They have to keep swimming and feeding all the time,” the master of horror spoke out on “CBS This Morning”. And he further added “I have a life that’s just an ordinary life . . . but every now and then, you’ll see something — sometimes it’s two things that come together — that give you an idea.” Check out how Stephen King Gets Candid Talking About His New Novel-The Outsider:

What’s cooking?

The idea for his new book, “The Outsider”, had been taking shape for some years now. It all started when he had coached Little League for his son. He makes use of the wholesome scene as the setting for the crime-horror hybrid.

“Nobody in a small town is more respected than someone who works with kids,”

says King. And he further adds:

“And if something happens to that person where they find out that they have a secret life that’s not nice, nobody is more reviled and hated, and I really wanted to use that.”

The story then takes a turn for the supernatural as Terry Maitland, a teacher and the coach for the Little League in Flint City, Okla., gets arrested from a baseball game for killing and mutilating an 11-year-old boy. It will be exploring the fact of being in two places at the same time. It will focus on the gruesome side of human mind and mob mentalities, at the same time will look into a murder mystery which may not be as open-and-shut as it seems.

“The thing that came to my mind is what would a story be like if the evidence that somebody committed a horrible crime was ironclad,”

King states in an interview. He would also say:

“But if the evidence that the person had a perfect alibi — what if that was ironclad?”

It seems that there is no end to masterpieces that Stephen King can produce. Thanks for reading “Stephen King Gets Candid Talking About His New Novel-The Outsider”. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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