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Summer time and swimsuits are almost always synonymous. So, if summertime is around the corner and you are wondering how to look great, some swimsuit wearing tips may come handy for you. As you hit the beaches, you need to look elegant yet stay comfortable in your stylish swimsuit. A perfectly chosen swimsuit accentuates your curves, makes you appear thin and boosts your confidence significantly as you swim.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen though as you can hurt your vibrant skin. It’s always a myth that sunscreen affects how well you tan. You can rock an amazing tan even with sunscreen and while you wear your favorite bikini or tankini.

#1 – The rule of the thumb when it comes to choosing the perfect swimwear is to observe the three Cs, namely, color, cut and construction. While there may be differences between how men and women choose their swimwear, these tips are generally applicable for all.

#2 – Perfect Fit – There is nothing that boosts your confidence as having the swimsuit that perfectly fits your body. It even gets easier when you know your body size, especially if you shop for swimwear online. Don’t forget that colors and styles should also be carefully considered depending on personal preferences.

#3 – Don’t give up on Trying – If you are among the many people who don’t know their exact sizes, this is the way to go. The only inconvenience you are likely to experience is the inability to make online purchases as you need to be there at the store to try some different swimsuits until you find that one that really fits you.

#4 – Complement the Swimsuit – Beach experience just doesn’t stop at the perfect swimsuit. There are other accessories that can make the whole experience a memorable one like swimming goggles, beach hats, beach bags and shoes as well as beach jewelry. Go ahead, accessorize and stay ahead of the game.

#5 – Establish your Preferences – As another great way to ensure that your confidence stays at the peak, know what you love and stick to that.

#6 – Trusted Brands – It is always recommended to choose swimsuits from trusted and reliable brands such as Betsey Johnson Swimwear because of the quality and durability of their products. Great Wearing Tips for Women

Women have different body sizes, and here is how you choose your swimwear depending on your body. Tankinis are hugely popular nowadays almost as much as bikinis.

Tankini swimsuits aren’t dowdy and stuffy any more.  They are growing in popularity, partly because there are so many new styles, colors, and fabrics available.  There are a lot of variations on the tankini theme- apron, underwire, halter, and boy-short styles.  Read this short and helpful article to find out more about the different styles, and you may just find your perfect suit for next season.

Apron tankinis are a bit bolder, and they are usually made up of a banded top that drapes over the midsection.  The drapey style of an apron tankini swimsuit works especially well in a sheer or lighter fabric.  This style will work on a variety of shapes and is great for concealing your little “imperfections.”

Underwire Tankinis combine the best attributes of the two-piece swimsuit and the one-piece.  They are usually very supportive at the bust, they provide adequate coverage at the midsection, and they don’t look matronly at all.  They look just like a one-piece if you choose a top and a bottom in the same pattern or color.  These are great for you if you have a large bust, or if you want to be modest without using a cover-up.

Halter tankini swimsuits are among the most popular of the tankini styles because they suit a variety of body shapes.  They have become even more popular than the tank styles, because tank tops are more plain, while a halter tankini top draws the eye upward.  A halter top will provide good support if you have a large bust, and it accentuates the shoulders, cleavage, and collarbone.  While the halter tankini generally works better if you have toned arms and shoulders, there are some halter styles that provide more coverage if you aren’t as confident about your body. You can read these and more at StyleWe.

Boy-short tankini swimsuits are almost always made up of a short tank top, and a pair of shorts that cover up the thighs, belly, and hips- but they retain the look of a two-piece suit.  They are perfect for women who are active in the water but want more coverage than with a bikini.  The top will cover most of your midsection, but some will be exposed.  These work especially well when you mix and match the tops and bottoms, and that will allow you a custom-fitted look.

The two-piece aspect of a tankini swimsuit allows for almost endless style combinations.  You can put a halter top with a boy-short bottom, or a tank style with a bikini bottom.  There are a multitude of colors and fabrics to choose from, which means that you can find your perfect match no matter your style or shape.

Because tankini swimsuits are so popular, and they look great on almost everyone, there are tons of places to buy them.  Like other styles of swimsuit, they are widely available online.  While buying online is convenient, it’s not without its drawbacks.  It’s impossible to know for sure what the suit will look like on you- that’s why it’s advisable to go to the vendor’s retail outlet (if possible) to try on your chosen suit.  A suit that looks to-die-for online isn’t guaranteed to look as good on you.

Tankini swimsuits are versatile and stylish, while still providing good coverage for those who don’t want to let it all hangout.  No matter your problem areas, there is a tankini swimsuit that will cover them and make you look great.  Next swimsuit season, buy a tankini instead of a bikini. Especially for women with big stomachs, it is advised that you go for the colors that have a dark base. This is meant to camouflage your stomach and at least divert attention from your stomach.

Those with wide hips, you may find a swimsuit with big floral prints and patterns desirable. They work just the same way as dark based swimsuits by drawing attention away from the hips.

On the other hand, for those with small hips, the goal is to make them appear bigger than they actually are. Choose horizontal stripes that have the effect of making them appear wider and curvy. It is all in the appearance.

Women with large busts should go for V-neck swimsuits. While allowing you to show off considerable cleavage, they still decrease the ampleness of the bust. Swimsuit with straps is recommended for added support.

For women with small busts, just try the same, simple trick of using patterns to create an illusion of a bigger bust. You can also use padded swimsuit for the same effect.

These crop top swimsuit wearing tips are simple, straightforward and easy but with guaranteed results. You will look awesomely elegant and confident as you spend your summer days at the beach.

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