Why You Should Be Using a WordPress Content Locker Plugin

Every blogger wants to increase their email list and gaining more followers is not that easy as many people don’t sign up for the newsletter or email submission. Hence growing your email list through content lockers is a great idea as you can gain more and more followers on the social media and you can get your content shared with a larger audience. But many bloggers are not aware what a content locker is and how it can be used on a WordPress website?

In this post we will discuss how one can use a content locker and help your site gain the conversions against its goals. Here in this article we have also mentioned some of the names of content locker plugins that can be used in your website.

What Exactly Is A Content Locker?

The concept of a content locker is pretty simple. The content appears to be locked behind a pop-up. You can set a pre-defined action which is to be unlocked by the viewer’s only then they can see the content. Depending on whatever action you have set it can be either following you on social media or entering their email address for the newsletter posting. The aim of the content locker is to increase conversions and so the action should also reflects your website goals.

The content which you lock can be of your choice, but you should keep in mind that it should be of high value so that the visitor doesn’t feel cheated after doing so. Consider using your most entertaining, informative or newest posts, or you can also opt for stunning images and interesting videos.  Offering a locked discount code or a URL to some informative eBook can also be quite appealing for your audience.

Remember that you are asking your viewers to engage with you on social media or enter their email address or make a small payment. So whatever content you choose to be locked make sure that it is worth it.

Why You Need To Use Content Lockers

There are many benefits of using content lockers. You must have activated social sharing buttons and lead generation pop-ups on every page and on every post. But these are mostly ignored by visitors as there is no real reason to interact with them.  Content lockers are like lead magnets and they provide the needed nudge to motivate your visitors to take the action.  It is more or less like a Power Bank for your website content marketing strategy. Read about the best portable Power Bank reviews at Top10BestPro.

Here are a few reasons why content lockers are good for your WordPress website:

Increase Your Email List

You can ask for your audience to enter their email address and join your n newsletter list in exchange for your high valued locked content. This is the most common deal for the locked content and has also proven to be an effective way to grow their email subscriber list.

Increase Your Social Media List And Get Your Content Shared

Another option is that you give your viewers the choice of following you, liking or sharing you on their social media posts. Once this task is completed they get rewarded with the access to your locked content. Not only you will gain a list of followers on social media pages, you will also get your content shared with a wider audience and it will help in increasing brand awareness.

Turn Your Viewers In Paying Clients

If you run an ecommerce store or a membership website then locking up a coupon can be a great strategy. This is a good way for turning your viewers into paid customers, while you can also collect email lists. Try offering them discount on a particular range of membership plan, or a free shipping if they make a purchase in a given time frame. This can be the final push for your visitors in turning them to paying customers.

Monetize Your Locked Content

Another options is that you make money by locking your content. This can be a onetime small payment or a recurring subscription. But keep in mind, that if you are going down the payment route make sure that the content you are locking is worth the price, or else your visitors will feel cheated.

WordPress Content Locker Plugins

Now that you know what is a content locker and why they are so valuable here are some of the best content locker plugins that you can make use of:

  • Thrive Leads
  • OnePress Social Locker
  • Bloom
  • OptinMonster
  • Pay Per View


Final Thoughts

Content lockers can be a great and effective tool for helping in getting site conversions against its goals. Select the right content locker as per your websites needs and start locking the content that your audience will respond to and want to open. But most prominently, track your analytics so that you can know if your content locker is also making some impact or not.

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