The Pros and Cons of Sleeping on a Mattress on the Floor

While most people prefer to sleep on elevated beds, it is not uncommon for many to prefer to place their mattresses on the floor instead. Some pros and cons examined:

Typical Advantages Associated With Sleeping on the Floor

Better overall blood circulation: One of the main reasons for sleeping on the floor instead of on an elevated bed is that there is a noticeable improvement of the blood circulation in the entire body. As a result, the body is able to relax better and repair itself faster. Please have a look at Sophie beds for more about the sleeping mattresses.

Less body aches: It is said that sleeping directly on the floor with or without a mattress allows the spine to follow its natural alignment, which significantly reduces the risk of scoliosis and sleepers tend to have less neck pain and lower back pain.

Better quality of sleep: when you sleep on the floor, your body remains cooler and your sleep quality improves significantly. As most people know, you tend to get restless and wake up in the middle of the night since you start feeling warm. The cooler air that is present near the floor prevents you from sweating excessively during the night, which in turn promotes a better quality of sleep.

Change of perspective: Sleeping on the floor means that you tend to look at the world from a different perspective and often this can mean that you can relax better and are able to manage the stress levels that normally prevent you from getting good sleep.

Why Sleeping On the Floor Can Be a Bad Idea

Increased respiratory problems: When you are closer to the floor, you are automatically more exposed to dust that can cause allergic reactions and aggravate respiratory issues. Keeping the floor spotless clean and raising the mattress with a low platform helps significantly according to a report on

Increased chances of mold development: If the room you are sleeping in does not have an adequate flow of air, you could end up sleeping hot and sweating more. This creates a favorable environment for the development of mold on the mattress as it readily traps the moisture and heat. When this happens, you can suffer from allergic reactions not to mention the foul odor that can make sleeping miserable.

Increased chances of bedbug infestation: sleeping on the floor also means that beg bugs have better access to your mattress where they can multiply very quickly and make your life miserable. Elevating the mattress can be a big help in reducing the risk.

Increased joint pain: People sleeping on their sides will find that placing the mattress on the floor makes it very firm and increases the pressure on their hips and shoulders, which can make sleeping very uncomfortable and lead to increase in joint pains.


Sleeping on the floor can take quite a bit of getting used to and you may not actually like the experience. However, there are many people who have reported better sleep and reduced back pain so you need to find out for yourself whether you get any benefit.

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