The Real Story Of Ed & Lorraine Warren

Demonologists, authors, lecturers, and occult museum owners Ed and Lorraine Warren happen to be two of the world’s most well-known paranormal investigators. Most of their casework had been carried out from their New England Society for Psychic Research. These cases involved everything from exorcism along with priests, seances and spirit cleansings to photographic documentation of the supernatural events. It also brought them to people and places all across the country. This has resulted in supernatural accounts so disturbing in nature that they have inspired several box office adaptations. The Real Story Of Ed & Lorraine Warren is in some of these cases:

The Perron Family Haunting:

When Roger and Carolyn Perron moved their family which include their five young daughters to the new 200-acre home in Harrisville on Rhode Island, they were not aware of its allegedly insidious former resident.

The house was originally built in 1736. This country home that you see in the picture was once inhabited by Bathsheba Thayer and her four children. Three of them died at a young age. Despite the high infant mortality rate of that era, those deaths and the circumstances leading to the deaths roused suspicion within the town. This resulted in the ostracism of Thayer. She was labeled as a Satanist by the community members. She had eventually hung herself in the backyard. When the Perron family lived in the house, numerous pleasant ghostly interactions took place. Some of them were, spirits playing with the children or helping them do the chores which had been reported.

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There were, however, some dark incidents as well. Thayer’s spirit took on a menacing presence in the house. Disembodied voices, furniture moving on its own, and full spectral appearances were some of the occurrences shared by the Perron family. The Matriarch Carolyn was allegedly one of the most consistent targets of Thayer. It is supposed that Thayer was jealous of Carolyn’s role as a mother and a wife. The ghost had reportedly pinched and also slapped Carolyn quite a bit. It even touched Roger inappropriately on several occasions.

The Warrens had been brought in to help in 1974 but, their presence had aggravated the conditions and Thayer’s supposed ghost. This resulted in the family asking the Warrens to leave. Horror movie icon James Wan made “The Conjuring” in 2013 based on this story.

This is one of the msot famous cases of The Real Story Of Ed & Lorraine Warren.

The Amityville case:

Arguably the most famous of the paranormal investigations for Ed and Lorraine. This investigation has been adapted into a frightening and seemingly endless film franchise. This Warren involves the Lutz family. The Lutzes took up residence in a suburban, Dutch colonial house in Amityville, Long Island in 1975.

Only a year before they moved in, the residence was the site of a deadly mass murder when Ronald DeFeo Jr. had brutally killed six members of his family. For 28 days, the Lutzes had stayed in the same house. While living there, they reported antagonistic voices, swarms of flies and family members levitating.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were eventually called in for cleansing the house and they brought a local TV crew with them. After snapping photos that include one featuring a boy with glowing eyes, the Warrens were determined that the land was cursed. In a 2013 interview with Yahoo!, Lorraine Warren stated that the Amityville house is one of the cases that haunts her the most. The Real Story Of Ed & Lorraine Warren doesn’t end here.

Annabelle the doll:

This investigation led the Warrens to a thing rather than a place. To be more specific, a ragged Ann doll that had been purchased from an antique store. It is much less sinister imagining than her 2014 Annabelle film counterpart.

It had been given to the buyer’s daughter- a nursing student. She and her roommate quickly noticed odd occurrences that involved the doll-like changing positions or rooms. That all escalated to messages on paper and blood on the doll’s dress. At one point, it turned to violence.

Annabelle took a particular aim at the fiance of one roommate. The fiance claims that he woke up all frozen in bed and the doll crawled up his body and tried to strangle him. He also allegedly claimed that upon entering a darkened room in which the doll rested he felt something attack him. When he flipped the switch, he saw his stomach covered in bloody scratches and the doll lying on the floor.

This behavior freaked the roommates, and they called in a medium. This medium had explained that she believed the doll was possessed by the spirit of a deceased 7-year old girl by the name of Annabelle Higgins. Higgins had supposedly died on the land where the apartment stood. The Warren family did get involved in the action. They had determined that a demonic presence was behind the doll. They performed a blessing in the residence and then took Annabelle off the young woman’s hands.

The trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson:

This was a landmark trial in which the Warrens had been asked to testify on behalf of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. This is the first case in the U.S. to use “The Devil Made Me Do It” defense. On the evening of February 16, 1981, 19-year old Johnson who was engaged to Debbie Glatzel was out for dinner with her. Their landlord Alan Bono and a few others were with them as well. Johnson stabbed Bono with a pocket knife multiple times. Johnson would plead not guilty by possession, a defense founded on Johnson’s relationship with his soon-to-be wife’s younger brother David.

In the summer of 1980, David woke to something he described to be a man with “big black eyes, a thin face with animal features, jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns, and hoofs”. The demon’s description mirrors the creature of the horror hit “Insidious” and apparently scared David so much that Debbie turned to Arne to seek help. Johnson had no answer for David’s bruises or scratches. So the family pivoted to a priest. This would anger the entity more and now it made David hiss, speak in multiple voices, and quote from Paradise Lost.

The Warrens had been brought in. In an interview given to People Magazine, Lorraine stated that “While Ed interviewed the boy, I saw a black, misty form next to him, which told me we were dealing with something of a negative nature. Soon the child was complaining that invisible hands were choking him—and there were red marks on him. He said that he had the feeling of being hit.”

The Warrens then supposedly worked with the diocese of Bridgeport and four priests who had been brought in to exorcise more than 40 demons from David. The diocese has only admitted to investigating the Glatzel case, however, allegedly the event saw David return to normal. Arne, had, however, become the new target. When he moved in with Debbie, he went on a dinner with her and Bono. A fight broke out between the two older men leading to Johnson stabbing Bono. Johnson’s defense wouldn’t ultimately hold up in court and he had been found guilty of first-degree manslaughter. He had served out only five years of his initially longer sentence.

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