Why Can’t Bruce Banner Turn Into The Hulk In Infinity War?

Attention: This is a spoiler alert if you still haven’t seen the movie yet.

At the beginning of the movie, we can see Hulk fighting off against Thanos. And well, he gets a brutal beating from Thanos even though he has just one Infinity Stone in the gauntlet. Heimdall then teleports him to Dr.Strange’s mansion. And that’s the last time we see the Big Green Monster in full form. There are glimpses of Hulk coming out and saying “No!!!” whenever Banner tries to summon him. So what changed Hulk’s mind from going on a rampage again? Why Can’t Bruce Banner Turn Into The Hulk In Infinity War? Let’s find out:

I’m always angry:

“I’m always angry” dialogue by Banner at one of the most crucial moments of the first Avengers movie was almost iconic. The movies have, however, never explored why the rage remains with Banner. So, as you have seen in the Infinity War movie, the Russo brothers are finally giving us a glimpse of that. In the 1985 comic, The Incredible Hulk #312, most of the tale is a flashback to Banner’s younger days.

Let’s take a brief look, shall we?


We learn that both Bruce and his mother Rebecca had to endure extreme emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his father Brian Banner. Brian eventually kills Rebecca. It’s been explained that the 1962’s issue didn’t really create the Incredible Hulk. The trauma Bruce endured because of Brian created The Hulk. The Gamma Blast just let him free.

It is highly possible that the real reason why Bruce can’t turn green isn’t that of the beating he took at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War. Rather, that beating has awakened his childhood trauma. A certain scene from Thor: Ragnarok was deleted to keep that intact. In that scene, Bruce tells Thor that he regrets missing his father’s funeral because he was too busy working. But that does not comply with the comic book version. Not only did Banner have no such fluffy feelings for his father in the comics but it was actually revealed that Bruce had killed his father.

So, if the producers wanted to introduce Banner’s shyness as a result of the abuse, then the conversation from Thor: Ragnarok wouldn’t make much sense.

Other reasons:

An embarrassed Hulk:

Before the Infinity War, Hulk has never taken a beatdown like that. The Green Goliath has the emotional maturity of a toddler, to say the least. And Thanos may have destroyed his confidence. Hulk doesn’t have any extra talents like leadership or charismatic presence like his fellow Avengers teammates. His sole purpose is to beat people up and if he can’t even do that, no wonder he’d feel embarrassed.

Earth hates Hulk:

In Thor: Ragnarok Hulk clearly says, “Earth hate Hulk”. In Sakaar, everyone loves Hulk, they aren’t afraid of him when he smashes up his opponents.

While on Earth, the people are afraid of him even when he tries to do the right thing. So, when he has to leave Sakaar and then also has to come back to Earth, Hulk is probably displeased. All the bad memories from his time back on Earth may be the reason why Hulk doesn’t want to come out.

The blame game:

When Hulk was teleported back to Earth, he had no knowledge of Thor’s survival. In his mind, he was supposed to protect Thor and the refugees and he failed. This may have led him to think he was the reason why the refugees and Thor and Valkyrie die. So he is blaming himself and ultimately doesn’t want to come out.

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