The Significance of Dabbe

The name or word Dabbe means a moving creature or animal that walks or moves with complexity. Debbe is a verb that means walking with difficulty. It is used for ants, insects , animals and refer to the effect of alcohol.

In the holy Quran it says Dābat al-Ardh in Surah Naml . Dabbe word appears in an amount of verses of the holy Quran .

Surah Naml : 82


" And when the world [ of judgement ] falls upon them , we shall produce for them an animal/creature/beast from the earth who shall talk to them , that the people had no belief in our symbols "

In a Turkish movie Dabbe (2006) directed by hasan karacadağ , they told something about dabbe.

' Dabbe means, a thing that spans like a web at the earliest indian culture. Dabbe is one of the keenest verses in Qur'an. Dabbe will come out , close to judgement day. Will quake the world. All jinni will serve Dabbe. According to us , jinni are the ones that are in the mirror. " When masks fall down , when hearts turn to stone , when darkness awake , when reality gets back to front. When all jinni rush into the world and bend before the Dajjal. When Mahdi cries and challenges Dajjal ( Anti - Christ ) " ' .


So we can say the consequence of dabbe according to the holy Quran and some source of internet it refers to the judgement day . When all the people of earth will start to doubt about the signs of Allah then these creatures will come to the world. The Earth will shake. Shadows will wrap the whole Earth. All jinni will be visible to the people . And those creatures will speak to them who doesn’t have any faith in the signs of Allah.


By a GIG Suniv Ashraf

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