Top 10 High-Quality Guinea Pig Food

What is your pig’s most favorite food?? As they love to eat, it should not be a problem to feed them. But, what they are eating will decide their health. So, to ensure proper nutrition, you must focus on choosing high-quality guinea pig food.

Your guinea pig must be a lover of greens. Such as vegetables, fruits, grass etc. These are the most important ingredients for your pet after all. But, it needs a balanced nutrition. So, let’s go and check out how you get that easily. The best high quality guinea pig food are listed below –



You can count fiber as the most important food for the pig. This is the key to their perfect nutrition. Also, proper digestion depends on this.

Grass and hay fall in this type. Which you can find in any pet shop near you. What you have to do is, make sure, they are edible. Obviously, they have to fresh to taste and work best. And, fresh means green and lively looking. Hopefully, you now understand how to choose the best fibers for your little friend.

The teeth of a guinea pig keep growing. This growth is lessened by chewing grass and hay. Again, chewing these will also help in proper digestion.



Water is an essential for every living being. Here, what you must do is, provide pure water. Distilled water should go for this.

The water should be at room temperature. So that, it meets up the thirst properly. And, the food will also taste good. Food without enough water feels tasteless to them too.



As I have mentioned earlier, pigs are fond of fruits and vegetable. Its taste bud may change with age. But, these foods are its favorite.

These foods include carrot, apple, cabbage, broccoli, etc. They are pretty choosy about food. You must be a good observer. Notice which vegetable or fruit like the most. Provide it with a proper amount. You can try other ones too. Sometimes, they are too stubborn to change their food habit. So, do not force them. Let them choose whatever they like. You need to make diet chart following them.



Guinea pigs need plenty of vitamin C. Usually they get this from the food pellets. Let’s go and see which ones best for your pet.


>>F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Gourmet Guinea Pig Food 5 pound

This can be called a perfect combo for your pig. This is a daily diet for the pig. The alfalfa and timothy hay pellet, in it, ensures proper digestion.

The vitamin C here builds a strong immune system in the body. The twice-baked Zoo-Vital Biscuits of it is gummy for growing healthy teeth. This one is a proper mixture of fruits, vegetable, and seeds.


>>Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food

If you want to grow the best teeth of your pig, go for this one. This is designed in such a way that ensures best dental health for your pig.

For proper digestion, there are prebiotics and probiotics in it. This food has a variety of vegetables and fruits. So, let’s call it healthy and tasty food.

If you are bored with the old pig food and want your pig to meet a new type of taste, try this. I assume your pet will find fun eating this.

The food items given here provides rich natural anti-oxidants. Which help in building a strong immune system. Thus, this pellet will make the pig healthy.


>>Vitakraft Vita Smart Adult Guinea Pig Food

This is an ideal guinea pig food for all stages of its life. This is a 100% vegetable-based food, filled with Omega-3 and Omega-6.

The Omega-6 is very good for the good health of heart and brain.  Both Omega-3 and Omega-6 are sources of fatty acids. This gives your pig a smooth and healthy skin. So, you must try this, to get a beautiful pet guinea.

This also provides proper vitamins and minerals. Again, it produces antibodies. Thus it strengthens the immune system of the pig.


>>Kaytee Timothy Complete Guinea Pig Food

This one is also for a better dental health. The ingredients are shaped in the way, to make the teeth stronger. It also gives the proper size of the teeth.

This is made with timothy hay. This grass is high in fiber. So, it makes the food high quality for the guinea pig.

There is no extra seeds or sugary fruits. Extra added seed makes the food dries sometimes. And the sugary fruits make the pig too heavy.

This also includes long-lasting vitamin C and prebiotics and probiotics. These two ensures proper digestion.


>>Wild Harvest G4970W Advanced Nutrition Diet for Guinea Pigs

This is a 4-pound pack full of various items. It tastes really good. Thus, increases the interest in eating.

This is filled with fruit, vegetables, seeds, and grains. This is filled with vitamin C. thus. All these works for advanced nutrition.


>>Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Guinea Pig Food

This has 3 packaging. One is 5 lbs. other is 10lbs. the other one is 25-lbs.You have the chance to choose depending on your demand. Again, these are naturally preserved. Which keeps it fresh for longer time. So, you can go for the larges one too.

The shape of it is larger than others. The pieces are also crunchy. So, it develops the chewing process. Also, the pigs find fun chewing this. So, the digestion system also works well. There are also prebiotics and probiotics for a better digestive health. This one is specially made for guinea pigs.



>>Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food

This is a high-quality pig food enriched with high fiber. This and the probiotics provide better digestion.

This contains natural oils, Omega fatty acids, and flax seed. This makes the skin smoother and shinier. It also has fortified nutrition system. This completes the pig’s healthy diet.

This pellet has the highest bioavailability of nutrients. So, this is a healthy food to keep your pig lively and fresh.


I hope, this article will give you a wide idea about guinea pig foods. Keep one thing in mind. Try to go for the most expansive one you can afford. This will give your pig a longer life. The cheaper ones are full of artificial elements and extra added ingredients. This is really harmful to pig’s health.

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