Stayovers are something of a tradition in many countries. You get to live for a night at a friend’s place with all your friends have a lot of group fun activities. You get to watch movies or play cards or just keep talking through the night. Even though this sounds mainstream it is still very enjoyable. Even then, there are certain things you must avoid in a stayover. So now take a look at “3 things you must avoid in a stayover”:

  1. Talking to your girlfriend over the phone:  Yes you have a girlfriend and you spend lots of quality time with each other. And sure she lights up your day. But you are at a stay over with your close friends. If you suddenly call her up and talk to her, your friends will be annoyed. After all, you came to the stay over to have fun with them. In fact, doing this is one of the biggest moods kills for a stayover. No one will be happy with your attitude. And it is one of the biggest parts of 3 things you should avoid in a stayover.
  2. Sleeping early: What’s the point of going to a stayover if you start sleeping soon as the clock hits 12? The main point is to have a good time all throughout the night. And that includes staying awake with your buddies. If you sleep early, not only will it be a total waste of time but your friends will think bad of you. Also, there is a good chance that they won’t let you sleep.
  3. Leaving behind a mess: So you had a lot of fun with your friends last night. It doesn’t mean that you will keep the place dirty and leave. You cannot just put all this responsibility on your friend to take care of. When everyone wakes up, all of you can help your friend to clean up the mess. This is an important step in 3 things you must avoid in a stayover.

         So you now have a good idea about the do’s and don’ts in a stayover. Also, keep in mind these 3 things you must avoid at a stayover!



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