Top 5 Amazing Online Games Sites

The 21st century is dedicated to the revolution and the advancement of the technological world. Deep inside with all popular gadgets, electronics, machines, there is a whole new world is evolving which is the gaming world. I remember those days when I used to save my queen in the Mario world. That was my only mission, and I wanted to fight the last dragon before I go to sleep every night.

Things changed, Mario left us and with the changing time Sony and Microsoft become the giants which are ruling the virtual world with the most advanced consoles and technology. Every gadget whether it is your smartphone, your personal computer or even your smart Led television, we always keep some space to get the latest games. It has a special place in our heart, and I don’t know why people call us addicted.

Online gaming is the new genre in which you are partnered with the gamer who is sitting 10,000 miles away but virtually walking beside you. It is a great feeling right???

  • Miniclip is topping up the charts as one of the best online gaming websites as per the sleepless gamers.
  • The interface of Miniclip makes it easy to navigate and search for the right game you want to play.
  • All the games are sub-divided into the category they belong and comes up with most liked game in the list.
  • With over the collection of millions of games which also supports the games from Android and iOS.
  • It has various categories like Action, Racing, Sports, Puzzle, Top 100, and much more.

Virteract Games

  • Virteract is the latest edition to the list and considered to be the most under-rated website with loads of fun games to offer when you are bored.
  • It has a special broadcast for what’s new on the website which will give you the brief about the most played and new games.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand.
  • Every game has been categorized into the different section.
  • You can also post articles and blogs about the existed and upcoming games.

Girls Go Game

  • Girls go game is all about the games which girls like to play. They were left behind with the intensity of games that guys like to play, and it is a good incentive taken by the website.
  • The interface of the website is like a Barbie world with decoration, and it is so obvious to make it in pink color.
  • It has games like Makeup, Dressing, Decoration, Dating and much more.

  • Making the list of top 5 online gaming website, is worth spending time on.
  • Loaded with the top and latest games in the world, which they keep on updating on a regular basis.
  • Every game is considered by the genre and later categorized into different sections.
  • Sole Multiplayer section which will connect you to the players around the world.

  • With the unique name for the website, it also has unique games to offer.
  • Special categories for most played games and Top rated games to make it easy for the users.
  • Archive of the website keeps on updating and make it more interesting with the updated list of the games.



These are the top 5 online gaming websites from around the world which are serving the needs of every gamer. With most interesting interface, which will help you to save your queen again!!!

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