Beginners Guide Towards Photography-The Challenge-Part Four

In addition, wedding photographers don’t need any educational qualifications but they need to have a wide range of composition and angular sense. “One really need to be smart in terms of controlling the guests of the ceremony, cool headed and dynamic. There are lots of significant moments in wedding ceremonies which the clients always want, any moment can pass by anytime; therefore one need to be ready for capturing these acute moments” (Ashraf).  In brief, clients look for several typical moments throughout the ceremony, in order to capture these moments one has to have the vision for it. Wedding photography is a great sector for the emerging photographers to work on and gain experience and at the same time earning money. They in one sense can meet new people, earn new experiences and in another as a beginner can be well introduced with photographic gears and lighting equipment. Balanced against, other photographic sector, wedding sector also gives the freedom to work with one’s own freedom, which ultimately lets a photographer to adore his job. “Being a wedding photographer I always enjoy my work when I can work on my own track regulating all the key factors. When I overcome any tough situation and at the end come up clicking cheery portraits and joyful moments then I feel like I am enjoying my job” (Ashraf). Weddings are after all full of colorful and happy faces. Therefore to be a capturer of these beautiful moments, one can eventually come up with a flamboyant portfolio which will support one’s case for further jobs in larger post.

Without a doubt, photographs abstractly transport people from one place to another. Maybe one haven’t been to an exotic locale, but photos can hypothetically transport a person there like a Stargate. A strong photograph can sometimes work more than a document. It works as a medium to communicate and visualize the presence of the feeling of the photograph inside the person. “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art (Adams).” Ansel Adams wants to remind the fact that, photography is now a great creative and innovative standard to convey a message or to visualize any place without traveling to there. He also argued this medium to be an art rather than just a medium. Photographs show one, the culture, the people, the food, tradition and sights of a specific location. Any country which one still don’t know to exist can be introduced with a single capture. Digital Photography is now the art which plays with color, contrast, lights and shadows. Specific sort of color provides definite type of influence in peoples mind. A story telling photo developed with a real color tone often gives the viewer a feeling which makes the viewer travel to that place. In the article “Reimagine the World,” photographer Andrea Baldeck  states the impact of color in viewers mind while she states “Color is seductive and we are drawn to its richness and variety, so much so that at times the subject of an image becomes color itself” (Stephen). A photo contains a meaning which allows the people to think of a short instead of just having a glimpse. A colored photo gives a viewer a joyous tone whereas a monochrome photograph provides them with a desolated tone. It helps people to re-think the real world.  “Black and white, abstracted from the world as we usually see it, asks us to look again and re-imagine that world,” Baldeck reflects “Replace the color with gray and the viewers is drawn into the image, looking for meaning and relationship beyond the surface” (Stephen). She reminds of the fact that, each and every photo has an each type of definite color tone which makes it a unique one. For example, a colored photograph focusing a moment of 9/11 won’t express the depth of feeling as it would be in a case of a black and white photograph. Moreover, Photography has an intimate experience with the subject. A story telling photograph has the duo combination of the subject highlighting the inner feelings. “Savor the magic of the visual world: that is the message in these photographs. What catches the eye? The force of a gaze in a portrait, the curve of a stem in a still life, the depth in a landscape, all brought to life by light. The photographer, beguiled, offers up her trove of images as testimony to the infinite variety and complexity around us” (Stephan). In addition, Photography can say what other visual art forms cannot. “Each of those possesses unique expressive capabilities, but perhaps the power of photography has a lot to do with how the human brain stores memories, viewing a photograph is a bit like looking into someone else’s memory bank and comparing the print with what we have in our own. This act may produce a jolt of surprise, a sense of identification, or a moment of puzzlement” (Stephan). Any random snapshot of a moment can transport someone to that specific time. A strong click has a power to teleport a human mind to that moment he wants to go. Unquestionably, it can work like a time machine. For example, a marriage album of a couple could wind them back to their marriage ceremony. Again, a click of the crying boy of the Syrian war can bring up the unstable situation of that location. “We archive visual information in the form of black-and-white, snapshot-like visual images that are uniquely our own; we refer to and add to them in order to make sense of our world” (Stephan). One’s distinctive view can go more than just showing people just an ordinary scenario. Photographs lets one to express oneself properly with opinions and belief. It is done by choosing what the photograph is all about and the way of representation. One can get a sense of what a photographer is like as a person by looking at their photographs and subjects. This part of photography as a career is absolutely fascinating as a viewer and fulfilling as a shooter. To many of the people, photography is all about just focusing the subject and pressing the button but as a passion and a job, it worth actually more. The learning process of becoming a photographer is always challenging. The persuader will always be learning something new, have new directions to explore, and new challenges to face. This is such type of pursuit that one will never be bored with. After all, a photo can talk, teleport and deliver a very deep meaning.



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