Top 5 animes for newcomers: How many have you watched?

Anime has long taken over the world with its colorful representation of stories and characters. Nowadays you can hear every kid on the block talking about different animes. Watching anime with your peers can make communicating with them easier. But you cannot watch just about any anime as a newcomer. You may come up against an anime with a complex theme. It will easily bore. Rather you can start with a simple anime that you can relate to. With that being said, let’s look at “Top 5 animes for newcomers: How many have you watched?”

1.      Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood:

Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse set out on their journey to become state alchemists. They want to be a state alchemist to revive their dead mother. On their way to becoming state alchemists, they are met with challenges. Both the brothers have to work together to overcome these challenges.

                                                                  Edward and Alphonse’s epic journey

There are a variety of characters in the anime. And all of them get enough time to show their usefulness in the anime. This is essentially the key to making a successful anime.

2.      Noragami:

The stray God Yato has stumbled across the body of a nearly dying girl. After the incident, he is somehow connected to the girl at all times. Thus begins their journey towards the goal of having Yato build his own shrine.

                                                                       Yato must reach his goal


On his quest to get his own shrine, Yato gets his first regalia in ages-Yukine. The three main characters get involved in each other’s lives and help us in having a wonderful time.

3.      Clannad:

Tomoya Okazaki looks quite like a delinquent to all his schoolmates. However, on one fine morning on his way to school, he meets Nagisa Furukawa. Nagisa is repeating her classes because she failed them last year. She is too afraid to open up to people.

                                                               The sweet story of Okazaki and Nagisa

Initially Tomoya hesitates but eventually, he gives into her qualms. This is the type of school romance that every teenager likes to relate to. Plus, there are a handful of other interesting characters to enjoy the show.

These have been the first three on the list. Let’s look at the last two of the “Top 5 animes for newcomers”.

4.      Angel Beats:

Everyone always thinks about what will happen after they die. Well, this anime shows you their version of it. Otanashi has just died, but he wakes up in a school uniform inside a school. Without getting much idea of what is happening, he gets plunged into the battle between the school’s resistance and a white-haired young girl called Angel.

                                                                       Afterlife was never this funny

The plot has is rather simple in the first few episodes. And each episode is filled with a handful of punch lines that will leave you laughing for life.

5.      Sword Art Online:

Have you ever wanted to live life inside an actual game? Well, this anime delivers just that. A lot of players try the new MMO game called Sword Art Online with a nerve-gear. They immediately get trapped inside the game. To win it, just one player has to beat the boss at the final stage.

                                                                        Kirito must-win for everyone

Kirito, the story’s protagonist is required to make sacrifices along the way to reach the final boss. This story revolves around Kirito’s journey to the top. It is indeed any gamers biggest dream.

Well, in no particular order this was the list of “Top 5 animes for newcomers”. Check out how many have you watched!





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