Have You Tried These 4 Simple Ways To Making Better Gin & Tonic?

It’s no secret that gin and tonics rule Spain’s cocktail scene. Have You Tried These 4 Simple Ways To Making Better Gin & Tonic?

“In Spain, gin-tonic isn’t simply a cocktail, it’s an obsession,” José Andrés tells Food & Wine. Naturally, the city location of his restaurant Jaleo takes gin and tonics improbably seriously—from tonic selection to aromatics, to the precise style of serving glass. Have You Tried These 4 Simple Ways To Making Better Gin & Tonic?

Miguel Lancha, Jaleo’s beverage director, offered a couple of tips to creating the right gin and tonic.

1. Upgrade your garnish.
“The aromatics are very much vital in drinks normally, however especially in such a refreshing and easy drink because the G&T,” he says. “The selection of herbs, or the expression of the citrus oils from the peels, even the addition of a splash or 2 of bitters.”

At Jaleo, you will find the “Cítrico” G&T takes this attribute to an entire level: with grapefruit, lemon, coriander, and mint supply that powerful herbaceousness that separates a superbly fine gin and tonic from a mind-blowing one.

2. Pay close attention to your gins and your tonics.
This one could seem obvious, but many folks do not like to take the time to style tonics and gins singly before deciding which of them pair best along. Lancha has 2 favorite tonic waters that he finds work best with a range of gins.

“I tend to love one or 2 tonic waters that may support any G&T, as a benchmark, then play more round the gin and also the (aromatic) garnish,” says Lancha.

Two tonics that build frequent appearances within the Jaleo G&Ts? Fever-Tree tonic water and Jack Rudy tonic.(Look for tonics created with natural sugars, not high-fructose syrup.)

“Sometimes I find that a particular gin works lovely with a particular tonic water, supported the size and quality of the bubbles (from tonic), as well as its acidity, sweetness or bitterness, with that I don’t wish to bother and add ‘noise’ to the gin and the garnishes, that I prefer to showcase,” he says.

Two of Andrés’ favorite gins? Rives Special Premium Tridestilada from Andalusia and Xoriguer Gin DE Mahón from Menorca.

Have You Tried These 4 Simple Ways To Making Better Gin & Tonic?

3. Select one or 2 daring flavors, not 1,000,000. 
“Sometimes, adding too several factors simply ends up in overthinking a drink that’s straightforward and delicious,” says Lancha.

4. Use a larger cube.
A larger ice cube—just one—will keep the cocktail chilled as you sip, while not watering it down.

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