What Has The Undertaker Done?

Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker has always remained the most mysterious characters ever to step foot inside a wrestling ring. The Deadman persona and unique character have led him to lead a very secluded life. He always makes a great effort to stay out of the public eye. In fact, he may well be one of the few wrestlers still trying to keep kayfabe alive. Recently he’s shocked his fans. So, What Has The Undertaker Done? Find out below:

Trying to keep kayfabe alive:

That is a tough job to do these days with the power of social media. If a fan spots Undertaker in public, a few quick snaps will go viral within seconds. And let’s not forget that, Taker’s wife, Michelle is quite active on social media. She keeps posting photos of her training, her kids and even The Deadman himself.

Keeping kayfabe alive

Keeping kayfabe alive

The WWE Universe has long been craving for a way to connect to The Phenom like they can with WWE legends like John Cena, Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan & The Rock. However, that was not possible until a shocking move from Mark Calaway himself:

The Impossible:

He's here!

He’s here!

Two days ago, this photo was posted on Instagram and the account is verified! And this account is also followed by Taker’s wife Michelle and current WWE superstar Natalya. As of this writing, the account has 416k followers while following Michelle McCool and the University of Texas Football Team. Are you any closer to knowing What Has The Undertaker Done?

Fans have long known that Taker is pretty much retired albeit a couple of appearances have been made this year. This further confirms the fact that, Mark is probably moving on from The Undertaker gimmick and into real life more- only if this account is real.

So, What Has The Undertaker Done? Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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