Zero To Hero : Story of A Barber Samin Successfully Changed His Life

Zero To Hero : Story of A Barber Samin Successfully  Changed His Life


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Samin was a barber at Jogirkanda village & a member of Jogirkana Union type something . One day the head of Union Anowarul Shahincame to the village to inspect everything . He saw Samin & had pity on him . So he invited Samin to come to Dhaka to work there but samin refuses his proposal , he wants to go Dhaka with his own power of geekness . After one year , finally with only 10000 Taka in his pocket Samin came to the city of hazards Dhaka , Capital of People’s Republic Of Bangladesh .


    20150815223725     Samin’s friend Shakib lives in Motijhil . He has a food card of chicken and beef burger . Samin invested some money to Shakib’s food cart and started a mutual business together . Now they sell chicken burger , beef burger , shawarma only by name actually . And a special recipe named Samin & Shakib’s special Burger ” Akbar khaile Abar Aiben ” . But those have a nice taste . As Samin was new to Dhaka Samin used to dress well so he always look like gentlemen comparing to Shakib . 20150815223752

One day they was selling their food items at Dhanmondi . A black pajero stopped right in front of them . As usually Samin went near to take order from the pajero . He saw pretty lady giving him order from the front seat . Samin gazed and gazed at her . He didn’t know what she was telling him . In one word he became statue . Suddenly some people came shouting at the pajero ” Look Look Nayla Nayem ” . So , the pajero left . Samin was feeling loved . Love at first sight . This was the first scene of their love story .



Samin’s day 96th at Dhaka . Shakib was ill that day , so he has to work alone . Suddenly he again saw that black pajero . Samin exclaimed with wonder that his joys know no bound . so he was trying to approach near to that pajero . Suddenly accidently while opening the door of the pajero , Nayla hit a old women . And the women fell down and got hurt in her head . As the woman was crying and and shouting at Nayla other third persons’s started shouting at Nayla . Then Samin thought ” Iron was red and that was perfect time to strike . Somehow Samin saved Nayla from that crowd by negotiating and paying for that woman’s injury . Nayla was wiping her tears and was trying to say thanks to have to Samin . Then Samin requested her to have some food from his cart . As there will be a fans crowd for Nayla , she decided to stay in the pajero . Samin brought two burgers for themselves . They had fun together . As Samin was in love with her they started dating at the same place almost twice in every week . Nayla also likes Samin secretly 😀 .

However , one day Samin told Nayla how he feels for her . Nayla said ” Seriously ! You are a poor black guy and I am a rich future model of this country , how can you think loving me ? How can you think of this ? ” Naylla shouted at him told him to get down from the vehicle . Nearly there was passing a lottery ticket cart . Samin quickly bought a ticket of lottery like Tamil Movie Heroes and showed it to Nayla and told her , “You want richman so it’s my way or skyway . ” Then Nayla pressed the accelerator and left .

After a month samin won 10 million taka from that lottery and gave a interview to media and mentioned Nayla . Watching this news Nayla wept and ran to Samin and hugged him . She was waiting for his money actually a good future . Now she has no worry about her modeling carrier . After that both of them happily lived forever .

MORAL : Don’t worry if you are black and poor , if you manage to get money like Samin , then girls like Nayla will run after you . Money talks honey .



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