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5 general multiplayer game tips

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Remember when Call of Duty, Halo, FIFA were the go to multiplayer games? Those times have changed greatly as plenty of new online games are available now. Online games are on the rise and a lot of gamers are transitioning to multiplayer games now [...]

Beginners Guide Towards Photography-As A Career-Part Six

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]However, taking photography as a career is challenging in terms of maintaining a schedule round the day. Sometimes, it is tough to find proper subjects and good shots. It will be more struggling when one will be working 24/7 to build and ultimately sustain [...]

Beginners Guide Towards Photography-Feel The Moments-Part Five

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Furthermore, Life is filled with moments. Birth of a child, graduation, wedding ceremonies, death, war and crisis, these are all some example of moments. With a photo one can capture a moment and save it forever. Later on this photographs becomes memories and memories [...]

Beginners Guide Towards Photography-The Challenge-Part Four

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In addition, wedding photographers don’t need any educational qualifications but they need to have a wide range of composition and angular sense. “One really need to be smart in terms of controlling the guests of the ceremony, cool headed and dynamic. There are lots [...]

Beginners Guide Towards Photography-About Wedding Photography-Part Three

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In recent times, wedding photography is one of the open field of photography to work on. Passionate people who are reliable to work with camera operations take wedding photography as their profession. If earning money is the main reason to work in photography sector [...]

Beginners Guide Towards Photography-World Through Lens-Part Two

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World Through Lens   Photography and working with cameras allows one to travel inside a state or outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paid job or not traveling is one of the reason to pursue the post of a photographer. Photography is that [...]