Beginners Guide Towards Photography-World Through Lens-Part Two

World Through Lens


Photography and working with cameras allows one to travel inside a state or outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paid job or not traveling is one of the reason to pursue the post of a photographer. Photography is that sort of profession which has a wide exposure in each and every element of life. It is directly involved with the moments one goes through. This job is like a whole package with different kinds of aspects which enables one to experience new stuffs and thrillers in every living moment for example professional photographer Steve Davey quotes “Over the 25 years as a travel photographer I have traveled to some 87 countries. I have snowmobiled in the artic, trekked in the Sahara, swum with sharks and also photographed the largest gathering of humans ever on the planet.” In short Davey reminds being able to click can take one to anyplace anytime. One minute one can turn into a landscape photographer, the day after can be a documentary photographer. In the very same day one can be shooting wildlife, lifestyles, portraits, architectures, interiors, macros or even underwater.  Accordingly, traveling and experiencing new things are interrelated with each other. Traveling comes with new experiences and new experiences comes with inspiration. The freedom that a photographer finds while working on traveling around the globe and meeting new people, often is a big boost. In the article “Reimaging the World,” photographer Andrea Baldeck shares her experiences when she stays overseas in destinations as diverse as the tiny Caribbean island of Carriacou and Venice.  Baldeck explains “Spending months in a locale allows an acquaintance with the community and daily life, and the luxury of returning to sites in different light, weather and seasons.” (Stephen). When this was an experience on the ground, underwater photographer Dabas Parvin shares his experience in Smart Photography magazine about his diving adventures. “One of the most memorable experiences that I have had was diving with tiger sharks in South Africa. I could not sleep every night just thinking that I would be diving with tiger sharks-the biggest sharks in the world!” (Mehta 59). According to Parvin, photography leads to new and fresh experiences. It doesn’t always confine one to a specific subject, it rather contain a broad working fields linked with the natural life and aspects. Learning indeed is not restricted in books all the time. It can also be achieved by experiencing new things while traveling.

Meanwhile, Traveling and clicking is a great way gain inspirations and motivations, one could have through the elements of life. Regarding this, travel and landscape photographer Rupen Kaushal states “Working with my clients across the globe gave me opportunities to travel frequently and see different things, places and absorb their unique culture. This was a big source of inspiration” (Khemchandani 52). Therefore, being a photographer can allow one to be a frequent traveler through which a vast canvas of experiences can be gathered at the end of the day that lately can motivate one in many cases. Everyone sees everything in different ways. The way one see the world is unique, and photography lets one to share that perspective with each other. Moreover, Traveling and clicking basically refers to freelance photography. The freelance photographers get hired by some organization and later they get paid by the quality of the images. Books, magazines, newspaper, cards and traveling websites and agencies all need travel images. Having an area of expertise will help one to sell shots. Like any other jobs, the competition of such dream job is bit tough but sticking and dedication towards it can be a professional solution. “The only way to make a living from travel photography is if you make it a full-time job” (I’Anson). In order to enroll a paid job Richard I’Anson advices to give the full concentration towards the job and enhance the portfolio of a photographer. However, having fascination for traveling and having a critical eye is not enough to survive the cases. Patience and at the same time perseverance is needed to capture a high resolution perfect shot and in terms of career its likely to wait for a photo overnight. One has to be creative enough and bring out new angles to stand out of the crowd with the right equipment.


Shafkat Samin Anowar



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