Beginners Guide Towards Photography-About Wedding Photography-Part Three

In recent times, wedding photography is one of the open field of photography to work on. Passionate people who are reliable to work with camera operations take wedding photography as their profession. If earning money is the main reason to work in photography sector then, wedding shoot would be the perfect choice. A Wedding photographer in context with other fields of photography can start his work in two possible ways: to get hired by a wedding planner or can start their own wedding planning business with different package rates. Photographers who are successful business owners can earn substantial salaries. A well-established Wedding photographer Saidul Ashraf who is the owner of a self-wedding planning business states in a personal interview about the salary range of a professional photographer “It completely depends upon the client. If the client is looking for a grand marriage ceremony then my rate ranges in between $1000-$2000 per event, it gradually falls when clients don’t have a big budget declared for the photographers.”  Self-employed wedding photographers continually tries to come up with new business through exclusive offers and advertisements. In that sense, wedding photography sector is bit challenging but the main challenge comes when one has to negotiate with the clients and finally bring them to an offer. “Client handling and understanding their inner thoughts is I think the most challenging part of my job. They won’t tell you what they want all the time, sometime you have to go through their minds” (Ashraf). Though sector provides a good amount of money but the photographer needs to smart enough to manage the clients to come to a negotiation point. Apart from client handling, one also need to be well acquainted with scheduling, tracking expenses, billing customers, maintaining websites and hiring employees (Carpenter and Media). On the other hand, working duration is pretty much long in case of covering an event. First of all there is no specific working hours and second of all one has to work all the way through until the fiancée and fiancé is attending the event. Regarding this Wedding Shooter Ashraf assumes “If there is a wedding shoot you have to work for like 12 hours a day. And in average its 50 hours a week.” Sometimes, in different parts of Asia the ceremony occurs throughout the night, in that case one has to face a rough schedule.




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