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Great Teacher Onizuka- A True Classic To Watch

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If you think your teacher is strange, then you've probably never heard of Onizuka Eikichi. Onizuka-sensei is an ex-motorcycle gangster who is yearning to be a schoolteacher in the manga, anime and the TV series GTO. It is written and drawn by Fujisawa Tooru, [...]

A Few Things Wrong With Samsung Galaxy S9 & How To Fix Them

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are the culminating points of Samsung's smartphone philosophy. They are big and they are indeed beautiful. So they are easily the most advanced machines that grace our pocket lives. However, they are not perfect and issues can [...]

Local Man Threatening To Release Chlorine Gas Cloud Near Water Treatment Plant

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A Springfield man has been accused of threatening to release a chlorine gas cloud near the Springfield water treatment plant. It is making news as Local Man Threatening To Release Chlorine Gas Cloud Near Water Treatment Plant. Scott Moody, who is 48, has been charged [...]

Big Stars Return To RAW

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The RAW after Mania is always fun. You can expect the unexpected to happen and it is the stage for grand debuts and big returns. So which Big Stars Return To RAW? Find out: Elias gets interrupted: Elias has become a major star over the [...]

Have You Tried These 4 Simple Ways To Making Better Gin & Tonic?

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It's no secret that gin and tonics rule Spain's cocktail scene. Have You Tried These 4 Simple Ways To Making Better Gin & Tonic? "In Spain, gin-tonic isn't simply a cocktail, it's an obsession,” José Andrés tells Food & Wine. Naturally, the city location of his restaurant Jaleo takes gin and tonics improbably seriously—from tonic selection to aromatics, [...]


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3 FOUND DEAD IN MUENSTER DUE TO DELIVERY VEHICLE CRASH. A delivery vehicle slammed into a crowd Sat in an apparently deliberate attack within the German town of Muenster. It's killing 3 individuals and leaving twenty others wounded, police said. The police spokesperson adds that the driver also shot and killed himself. Authorities are treating the incident as a deliberate attack, the interpreter said. Muenster police spokesman Andreas [...]


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Find out who CM PUNK faces next, Brock Lesnar is set to return. UFC President Dana White confirmed to TMZ Sports these days that CM Punk's second MMA fight is against Mike"The Truth" Jackson. Like Punk, Jackson includes an MMA record of zero wins and one loss. There's no official word however on when Punk vs. Jackson will take place. But as noted before, [...]

Sunny Leone and Atif Islam to visit Bangladesh this September

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            Baby Doll along with Atif Aslam to Rock Dhaka this September   Over the past years, Bangladeshi societies are more or less influenced by the Bollywood trends and mostly by the renowned celebrities. And when it comes about [...]