5 Shows You Can Binge-Watch After Game Of Thrones Ends

Game Of Thrones ended season 7 on a high. Viserion has been resurrected as the white dragon and he’s also melted a huge chunk of The Wall. So, none of us can wait for the eighth season to come out. But, bear in mind that it is going to be the last season of Game Of Thrones– there will be no more Daenerys riding on her dragons or Cersei drinking wine and plotting to finish off her enemies. Or even one of Tyrion’s famous verbal jabs at anyone. So, what can you do? Well, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel- basically, there are other shows out there that can give the same feeling that Game Of Thrones does. Here are 5 Shows You Can Binge-Watch After Game Of Thrones Ends:

Black Death:

Let’s be honest here for a moment, we all were shocked when Ned Stark was killed at the end of the first season. And this isn’t just because Sean Bean was playing The King In The North. So, if you miss Sean Bean playing a medieval character, well Black Death is here for you!

Released in 2010, the movie takes place during the Bubonic plague and centers on a knight(Bean). He guides other noblemen into a village, where a witch is rumored to bring people back from the dead. This, however, isn’t a show but a full-fledged flick.

This is the first show on the list of 5 Shows You Can Binge-Watch After Game Of Thrones Ends.


The show most people compare to The Game Of Thrones is Vikings. There is a stark resemblance between the two. The series takes place during the Viking Age and fictionalizes the rise of real-life Viking ruler Ragnar Lodbrok. If you think it is just mindless action scenes then be prepared to be shocked.

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When Outlander premiered in 2014, the show didn’t look as attractive as Game Of Thrones which was reaching its peak at that moment. The show pretty much seemed like a body double at the time which no one wanted to watch. However, due to the time-traveling twist and true romance at the core, it has quickly become a show worth watching.

The 100:

Imagine Game Of Thrones and The Hunger Games having a baby- that is pretty much close to describing The 100. Three generations after a nuclear apocalypse strike Earth, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent from their space station to test the planet’s adaptability.

While they navigate the planet and try surviving this new turf, they slowly realize they are not alone. If you love the political aspect of Game Of Thrones, then you will love this as well.

The Last Kingdom:

Much like Thrones, this BBC show is a fantasy series adaption. This one revolves around The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. The saga doesn’t have dragons, instead, it takes a more realistic approach to a period piece.

It introduces real historical figures, that include Alfred The Great, following the Saxon-born noblemen who had been captured and raised by Vikings. He seeks to recover his birthright as the show progresses. GoT fans will be able to appreciate the similarities between some of the show’s characters with Thrones’ characters. This is last on the list of 5 Shows You Can Binge-Watch After Game Of Thrones Ends.

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