The wireless reseller FreedomPop introduces a new plan to attract the WhatsApp’s users

FreedomPop is becoming the fascinating cell phone service carrier and it is trying to bring out new and conventional ideas to offer affordable and free services to the people so that they can get their attention.

Nowadays, cell phone bills are becoming one of the large hectic for the people. In FreedomPop, there are plans for your kids too.

What is FreedomPop?

People, who are aware of the FreedomPop, the one question that strikes everybody’s mind is What is FreedomPop? Generally, FreedomPop is a mobile and wireless reseller that uses the freemium model to attract the new and already existing customers. This means that FreedomPop is generally free of charge; users need not pay for their mobile bills the company offers everything for free. Almost all the basic services will come under the initial plan, and the initial plan is completely free. And users have to pay for the top level services. Top-level services include some additional features apart from the initial plan.

So, what makes FreedomPop unique in the mobile marketplace? FreedomPop is known for its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). They can purchase text, voice, and data connection from their partner Sprint, but instead of that FreedomPop is only purchasing the data services and they are running all the other three services via Sprint data network.

Plans of FreedomPop

At the beginning, they were pushing out only two plans. Now, they have many services and they have expanded their operations. And they are attempting a push to make sure whether people are flexible to their services. The plans of FreedomPop are as follows.

  • Free service

Most of the people know about FreedomPop only because of their free plan. Their free plan includes free phone and data plans. This plan is advertised everywhere as “free service”, this service includes 500 MB of free data, free 500 text messages, and 200 free voice calls per month. And for the following months, these services will keep on continuing. The 500MB of free data, free 500 text messages, and 200 voice calls minutes are accessible for a month. And at the beginning of the new month, all these services will start again. So at the beginning of each month, FreedomPop will activate these services automatically into your phone.

This free plan also works for their wireless hotspots and USB, the hotspots and USB will get 500MB of free data each and every month.

Most of the people don’t realize that the company is betting that the users will like their service and they will upgrade their plans like unlimited text messaging, data plans, and voice calls they offer.

  • Wi-Fi service

This Wi-Fi service is a good idea. The good thing about this service is that instead of using the cell phone towers, this plan will make use of the connection from about 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots. So the users will get the text, voice, and data services from this giant Wi-Fi hotspots.

And you can access this service from any hotspot that you have access to. So if you are at your workplace or home, you can connect to your phone service and can use this service everywhere you go. FreedomPop offers this service for $5 per month. This price will be affordable for all the customers.

This plan will not efficiently in the rural roads, but people in the urban areas can make use of this service.

This service will not work when the user is on driving, but they can make use of this service when they are at home, workplace, restaurant, or any other common places.

This plan makes sense in the overall cell phone market.

  • The unlimited plan

The unlimited plan is a package of $19.99 and it includes the unlimited talk, data, and text messaging. It has the coverage in major population areas, and in such areas, many people will use this service.

FreedomPop network

The coverage of the FreedomPop will not come from the company’s own towers. FreedomPop coverage network comes from the Sprint LTE network. This is not the largest of four carriers, but Sprint network is used by most of the people.

Sprint sells their service to many resellers. So between the Sprint network and other services like Boost, Virgin Mobile, and Kajeet, you will find someone using the Sprint network.

Before purchasing the FreedomPop device, find out someone who has these services and ask them how is the coverage for these network in your area. Or you can head to the Sprint LTE coverage area check page and check what the services available in your area are.

Generally, the inbuilt FreedomPop sim has LTE, suppose if it is not present you can call to the customer support and you can make use of this service.

FreedomPop devices

There are three different types of devices for which you can purchase the FreedomPop service. Those devices are Phones, Home Internet, and Mobile Data. Each one has different prices.

  • Phones

FreedomPop has entered the game with their phone offerings. The price range starts from $50 and they are extended to the rate what the user is willing to pay, there is no limit for it. About 38 different devices are available on the FreedomPop site. Users have the option to return the phone back to the company if they are not satisfied with the model or if they found any damages in the device. If the user returns within the 30 days, then the whole amount will be refunded. And if the user returns the devices, if he found any damage in it, ten another device if the same type will be offered to the user. If he returned the device within 90 days, half the amount will be refunded. After 90 days, the customer can return back the device, if he’s not satisfied with the device and no amount will be refunded.

  • Mobile data

In the case of mobile data devices, the company will offer wireless hotspot, tablet, or a USB stick. About 8 devices can be connected to the FreedomPop hotspot.

FreedomPop offers unlimited free WhatsApp

Almost everyone will accept that WhatsApp has become the essential part of our lives. Most of our daily routines are shared through WhatsApp. And almost every one of us is experiencing its convenience. In order to attract WhatsApp’s billions of users, FreedomPop has aimed to provide zero-rated WhatsApp sim in the US and it also offers free data to the customers who are residing in about 30 countries. It is the good news for the customers of Europe and Southern Asia because they are the ones who have the opportunity to avail this service first.

WhatsApp has replaced the conventional messaging practices, and this initiative of FreedomPop will make sense to the people who use WhatsApp on daily basis. FreedomPop has assured that first, it will launch this service in the US. People who get the WhatsApp will experience a free unlimited WhatsApp usage. Along with this, the company offers free 100 voice minutes, and 200 MB of data per month. People, who need more data or voice calls, can upgrade to the paid plan.

In this smartphone era, traditional methods are losing their scope and most of the customers prefer the data-only plan. All these are done to attract the customers and gain their attention.    

 Author Bio :-

Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone Script. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.



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