Every Available Update On Black Ops 4

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Call Of Duty will officially return with Black Ops 4 in the month of October of this year. It will be featuring the series' traditional modes and a few other surprises. To know read more about "Every Available Update On Black Ops 4" here: [...]

Wardrobe Malfunctions Of The British Royal Family

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There are so much of the wardrobe malfunctions these days on big occasions. However, we can never get enough of the Royal Family's wardrobe malfunctions! Let's take a look at the Wardrobe Malfunctions Of The British Royal Family: Camilla Parker gets bowled over:   In [...]

Teen-Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaked User IDs & Passwords

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There were thousands of parental and child accounts on TeenSafe, which is a teen device-monitoring app. And recently they've had all the information compromised. Teen-Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaked User IDs & Passwords, read more about it here: What's cooking? To be specific, one certain server [...]

New Battlefield V Teaser Is Released

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DICE has pretty much confirmed that Battlefield V is set during the World War 2. A teaser trailer that was posted earlier today confirms that the game will include a conflict between the Allied and Axis forces. New Battlefield V Teaser Is Released, read [...]

A Few Things Britain’s Royal Family Wants You To Forget

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They are arguably the most respected and followed family in the world. At the same time, however, they are the most scandalous. Along the years, the Royal Family have endured enough scandals that would fill up an entire season's worth of Jerry Springer and [...]

What Makes Henry Cavill A Dirtbag?

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Superman may not be as "super" as we hope him to be. The man behind the cape, Henry Cavill, has confirmed through some of his actions that he's kind of a dirtbag. So, What Makes Henry Cavill A Dirtbag? Let's find out: He doesn't understand [...]

Fortnite Comes To Androids This Summer

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Epic Games' hugely popular Fortnite Comes To Androids This Summer. The company made the announcement in a developer blog post. The post, featuring the title "The State of Mobile" broke down some of the new features which the game's mobile team is working on. There [...]

Waze For iOS Is Now Available In Ford Cars

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Ford will finally roll out Waze integration with the SYNC 3 infotainment system after giving showing a short trailer of it in January. The iOS users owning a SYNC 3-equipped car can now project or mirror Waze into the infotainment system. It will give [...]

All You Need To Know About The Royal Wedding

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they emerged from St.George's Chapel, Windsor. It has been a wedding full of royal tradition and injected gospel energy. There have been a few surprises from the couple, this includes [...]

The Chronicles Of Prince Harry’s Scandals

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The Royal Wedding is done and dusted. And yeah, Prince Harry is now settled down but, you have to remember he's not exactly the typical member of the British royal family. Did you forget the time he drank alcohol from a prosthetic leg? Let's [...]