What’s Making Battle Royale Games So Popular?

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You'll get to hear a lot of people say these lines, "I am terrible at PUBG/Fortnite. Absolutely appalling, both on PC and Xbox. I don't get chicken dinners and my aim is that of a potato's". And they still keep coming back for more. [...]

The Hottest Game In The Market: God Of War(2018)

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The beloved gaming franchise, God of War, splashed onto the scene this year on April 20. The God of War series is over a decade old. It started back in 2005 and wowed everyone from the beginning. And after a long hiatus, the series [...]

Follow These Steps To Win Battle Royale Games

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The recent rising popularity of battle royale style survival games is truly a sight to behold. PUBG, Fortnite and many other similar games have gained a lot of popularity in the last year. But suppose you’ve picked up a copy of the game, started [...]

How to play multiplayer games without LAN

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Playing multiplayer games online isn’t always is as easy as it sounds. Often game developers will include a multiplayer mode in their games but will somehow leave out online play and insist players use LAN to connect with other players. It is not always [...]

LOL vs Dota 2 vs HOTS vs Smite: Which Is Your Pick?

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Multiplayer online battle arenas(MOBAs) are continuing their domination on gaming. We are here to help you to differentiate them. LOL vs Dota 2 vs HOTS vs Smite: Which Is Your Pick? Defining MOBAs: Let us first get to know what MOBA is. Traditionally, they will [...]

Top 10 PC Games of 2016 – How Many Have You Played

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Are you searching the internet to find out information about the best PC games of 2016? If you are, then you will glad to know that your search ends here. Games that make it to the list of the top 10 PC games are: [...]

Most Interesting 7 Word Games on Android

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Android is an operating system used in Smartphones . As Days Passed by, Android Smartphones became quite popular in world because of plenty of completely free games that were available on android and its applications. Users can easily access quality ads program and games [...]

The Best Android Games of All Time – Game Lovers This Is For You

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The days are over when only IOS users used to have fun. These best android games are way better than IOS games. Android users don’t need to be jealous of IPhone users now. They have everything that they want on their OS as well. [...]

Which Works Better On Far Cry Primal Ludology or Narratology

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Ludology and narratology are two strong competitors in the world of video game interpretation. Ludology argues that games only go by their own internal rules. The players only play by the rules and rules are the silent details of the game. There is nothing [...]

Minecraft : Creativity Is The Only Limit

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It's time to show your creativity. Not in our exam or in practical life. Build your own world with your creativity in Minecraft. It's a game of blocks. remove blocks and place it where you want to and create what you want to. You [...]