Beginners Guide Towards Photography-Click and Get the Best Shot- Part One

Shafkat Samin Anowar

Click and get the best shot

“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution” (Adams).  In short Adams claims a strong photograph can sometimes be a bridge between the audience and the photographer. The best images often remind that photographs are not just a freezing frame, it has the power to do infinitely more than a written document. It can transport different minds to several invisible worlds. People take photography as a passion or sometimes as a hobby or can be both. Those who are more curious and passionate towards it, take it as their ultimate career. To make a start, you will need a good camera and accessories. Check out sites like to get more information about it. Photography is a viable and lucrative career to work towards as a college student because it lets people to travel around the globe, it can work as a medium of communication through colors and imaginations, and mainly work as an official document to be an active part of history by reminding people about wars, public issues and significant persons.

Having a critical eye which is capable to composite an image without the help of the camera is what needed in the first case in order to step in to the world of professional photography.  Photos will after all vary when one will be applying for a professional job.  A photographer who has good quality composite photos round his portfolio has greater chance to get hired by any organization. Later having a technical understanding, imaginative power and creativity would support the resume in applying for greater posts. One of the most important issues which will rated, is to have experiences related to this field. Having experiences is always a great demand when applying to some famous companies like, Nat Geo, BBC, and Reuters. Yet, Entry-level positions in photojournalism or industrial fields require a college degree on photography or the subject related to the field. Apart from that, freelance or portrait photographers require a technical proficiency in addition with some basic training in camera operation. One seeking for such jobs has to have the ability to be patient, accurate and detailed-oriented and should be able to work well with other professionals.  One of the advantage of taking photography as a career is some photographers may start their career by assisting the experienced photographers as freelancer. Commercial and editorial portrait photographer Jesse Dittmar states about the benefits of working as a freelance intern. “As a freelancer, you get to know how different photographers do things, how they solve problems, what kind of lighting they use and how they interact with people” (Career Launch 15).   By this, the intern acquires the technical knowledge needed to be successfully oriented on this field and also learns skills and techniques to start a portrait or commercial business. As a college student, one can apply for some summer full/per time jobs in different camera stores, newspaper or photo studios which would let one to earn some money and at the same time would let to gain a new experience that will later be required while applying for bigger posts. Furthermore, the current salary according to 2015 median scale is $31,710 per year and $15.24 per hour with a moderate job outlook growth of 3% (Bureau of statistics, US department of Labor). Photography area is competitive to survive but ability to come out with quality pictures and publish those in the perfect time will be the exact strategy for such dream jobs.


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