NJPW Dominion 2018 Results

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NJPW's second-biggest event of the year is Dominion. You can think of it as WWE's Summerslam. And it has delivered in more ways than one Saturday as fans in Osaka, Japan, and fans all around the globe had been treated to quality wrestling matches [...]

5 Shows You Can Binge-Watch After Game Of Thrones Ends

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Game Of Thrones ended season 7 on a high. Viserion has been resurrected as the white dragon and he's also melted a huge chunk of The Wall. So, none of us can wait for the eighth season to come out. But, bear in mind that [...]

Is Johnny Depp Okay?

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Over a recent couple of weeks, Johnny Depp has made public appearances that have the world shocked. There is genuine concern over his declining health. So, the question is, Is Johnny Depp Okay? Find out below: What's cooking: Johnny Depp is said to be doing [...]

Lenovo’s All-Screen Z5 Has Some Problems

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Lenovo has been doing their best to hype their new phone Z5 over the last few weeks. They are posting sketches and renders which hint towards a truly-all screen design free from the bezels and notches. And as the Z5 got unveiled in Beijing [...]

iPad Will Now Have Face ID In iOS 12 Beta

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iOS developer Guilherme Rambo is poking around the new iOS 12 beta and code contained within is confirming the same old rumors. And it is the fact that Face ID is coming to iPad. Rambo has tweeted numerous videos and screenshots of iOS 12 [...]

How Men Can Stay In Style This Summer

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Trends get misunderstood every now and then. If you stop a guy in the middle of the street, they'll say that they don't follow the latest fashion trend. But, go to his home, take one look at his wardrobe and you'll be able to [...]

Why Dhaka Is So Overpopulated

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The word that we most commonly associate with Dhaka city is perhaps "overpopulated". This statement feels truer especially in this month of Ramadan. Supporting over 14 million people on less than 325 kilometers of land is Dhaka city. The drainage, waste management, and transportation [...]

Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Feud With Vin Diesel

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Dwayne Johnson has recently opened up more regarding his public feud with Fate Of The Furious co-star Vin Diesel. The action superstar has given somewhat clearer insight into what happened between the two. Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Feud With Vin Diesel: Acting on [...]

Holly Willoughby Isn’t Happy With Her Marriage

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Holly Willoughby has opened up about her 10-year long marriage to husband Dan Baldwin. Holly describes Dan to be her 'hot best friend'. The couple first met on a TV show- Ministry Of Mayhem and then got married in 2007. They have three children [...]

The Shock Manager Chelsea Looks To Replace Conte With

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There's no hiding the fact that, Chelsea wanted to appoint Maurizio Sarri as a manager in place of Antonio Conte. The Italian manager has also left Napoli after the 2017/18 season ended. However, recent news suggests that Sarri may not be the one. So, [...]