When Myleene Klass Slips Up

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Myleene Klass was present at Brit Awards showing off her figure. The 39-year-old was looking as stunning as always in a plunging jumpsuit, that had a sheer black top cut to the waistline. But when she opted for a pose on the red carpet- [...]

Should Bots Deliver Free Speech?

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How are courts going to address free-expression rights for the artificially intelligent communicators? This sort of conversation is coming forth. And this may push the Supreme Court into doing something they have avoided: defining who is and is not a journalist. So the question [...]

Apple’s Free Month Of iCloud Storage Offer Is Just Bad Customer Service

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The most common problem of an Apple user is the lack of storage space.“You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up your iPhone.” – This message is familiar to any Apple user. So to relieve this problem Apple has offered a [...]

Remembering Anne Hathaway’s Biggest Wardrobe Malfunction

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Anne Hathaway was left devastated when photographers went a little too far with the flashbulbs at the premiere of Les Miserables. She stepped out of her car and onto the red carpet in a Tom Ford black dress when the incident took place. Remembering [...]

The Bachelorette May Have Found A Way To Save Themselves

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The recent few years have brought on the controversy after controversy to The Bachelor verse. This isn't the kind of thing the show producers can spin to their favor. However, The Bachelorette is back one more time after a series of trials and tribulations [...]

WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Predictions

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With each passing year, WWE's Money In The Bank becomes an even bigger event than the year before. And while it reached the pinnacle of success as a pay-per-view back in 2016 with great matches one after the other, there's still something left to [...]

Facebook Adopts New Pepe The Frog Policy

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Pepe the Frog is considered an anti-Semitic hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. And now Facebook's internal policies will offer a bit of leeway for what is allowed on the platform. Facebook Adopts New Pepe The Frog Policy. Find out more about it below: [...]

5 Common Laptop Screen Problems & Their Solutions

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If you are buying a laptop, or any electronic device for the matter-it will end up having problems one day. And you need to be prepared to fix those problems. So, here are 5 Common Laptop Screen Problems & Their Solutions: Black screen: This is [...]

Dodge Viper May Come Back With A V8 Under The Bonnet

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Do people love the Dodge Viper? Yes, they do. And why wouldn't they? The recipe is simple, bonkers and effective. Stick a huge naturally-aspirated V10 up front. Then you send the power to its rear wheels through a manual gearbox and try to keep [...]

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Exceeds All Expectations

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In 2018, OnePlus will be adding a pair of wireless earphones to their portfolio. And rest assured that the $69 Bullets Wireless will keep up with the OnePlus pedigree. They may not only be the best neckbuds for their price but, they might just a [...]